What Are Wall Materials? What Is Melamine Wall Board?

- Apr 03, 2019-

melamine wall panel

The melamine wall board is a melamine impregnated paper-finished wood-based panel. The paper with different colors or textures immersed in a melamine resin adhesive. and then dried to a certaindegree to solidify. and then spread on a melamine wall board. The surface of the density fiberboard or hardboard is hot pressed.

melamine wall panel

 wall panelling advantages

Wall panelling gray. Before getting into how you can incorporate melamine wall paneling. into your next interior design project. let’s talk a bit about what this product is. Made from thermofused laminate (TFL). which comprised of decorative layers pressed on to particleboard. or MDF, melamine panels offer moisture, wear. and stain-resistant properties for your space. Since many options contain recycled and recovered wood fibers. and are LEED certified, melamine wall panels offer green benefits, as well as good looks.

High-impact patterns

 Great alternatives to paint and wallpaper. melamine wall panels make it easy to create visual interest. and update the look of your interior space. Whether you want to enhance your décor with a look inspired by nature. or are in the market for something a bit more unique. these panels produced using the latest digital imaging techniques to. provide you with detailed surface patterns and textures.

A touch of nature

Looking to add a woodsy vintage look to your living room or office? An accent wall outfitted with melamine panels. that mimic authentic wood grain patterns will do the trick. Able to capture the warmth and rich beauty of natural woods from around the globe. this style of melamine is simple yet versatile.

If the look of natural stone is more your taste. there are options available with hyper-realistic mineral vein patterns. Pillars or columns equipped with granite, marble. or quartz-looking melamine will add a classic sense of grandeur. and sheen to areas like kitchens and foyers.

decorative melamine panel feaures

With so many colors, finishes. and texture designs available, our TFL panels can used anywhere.

Add color or other accents to cabinet doors and drawer fronts Create depth, warmth, and style to any room.

Get the look you want with custom colors, textures. and woodgrains (or a combination of all three) available by special order.

wall panel

Melamine application- wall panel

Melamine is a popular overlay for MDF or particle board panels. Formed with a hard resin, thermoset to a paper base. melamine panels are a versatile cost-effective option for adding texture. and color to any design. Melamine manufactured with bonding pressures of 300-500 pounds per square inch. The melamine sheet is then thermoset to a decorative paper laminate. at high temperature. The result is a waterproof, durable plastic sheet. available in a wide selection of textures. and natural wood grains.

Wall panels consist of melamine over MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is the better choice in panel substrates. when further machining or fabrication required. That makes our Bellissima textured melamine sheets perfect for household. and office furniture and cabinets. as well as wall paneling. Matched banding is. available for edging to maintain waterproof integrity of the MDF after cutting. and to unify the design theme of the space. 

mdf panels selection

Something different

      Along with inspired panels, more avant-garde melamine options are available. that will compliment about any contemporary or modernist design scheme. Creative and original patterns designed to emulate materials like leather. and linen offer a subtle elegance for a range of locations. including dining rooms and hotel lobbies. Unexpected patterns on your walls like these allow you to make a personal statement with your décor.

Style meets convenience

Along with inspired designs, melamine wall panels are a practical choice for. both DIY homeowners and professional designers alike. Thanks to their lightweight and easy to customize qualities.  these panels can installed with no staining, painting, or sealing required. What’s more, these panels can cut to size with common wood working tools to fit into whatever space you need


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