What Are The Characteristics Of Plywood?

- Apr 04, 2019-

In home decoration, the plates we commonly use are plates,which is generally a single-layer version, as well as common types such as plywood. This kind of wood-based panel can not only improve the efficiency of wood use, but also the price is relatively low. Therefore, it is loved by many consumers. Next, let me talk in detail about the specific characteristics of plywood.

solid ply board use in kitchen

What is the density and thickness of plywood?


This type of plywood is made by a plurality of thin veneers, which are stacked together for adhesive hot pressing. In general, the higher density of the board, the better quality. Also, the density of the plywood will be greater than that of the same material. If the pressure applied to it during the pressing process is greater, the density of the plywood is greater. This wood deforms at high temperatures. Therefore, the speed must be fast when hot pressing.

The greater the unit pressure at the time of gluing, the greater the density of the plywood. Since the wood is susceptible to plastic deformation at high temperatures, the compression ratio of the hot press bonding is larger than that of the cold press. Plywood is made up of criss-crossing veneers with a lower thermal conductivity than wood of the same species. The outermost veneer of the plywood is called the front panel,which is called the outer panel, the reverse panel is called the back panel, and the inner panel is called the core or the middle panel.


(2) thickness

Plywood is laminated with multiple sheets of thin wood, and its thickness depends on how many chips are used. For different combinations of layers, the thickness of the plywood is also different. Generally, there are several specifications such as 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT, 15 PCT, and 18 PCT. Other thicknesses may be used depending on the special circumstances. Because plywood is strong and has good stability, many users will buy this wood. However, plywood uses more glue, so handle the gap on the side.

solid ply sheet

What are the advantages of plywood?

(1) Plywood has a balanced high strength and is not easy to shrink, expand, and deform. Plywood is not easy to crack, so there is no need to worry about cracks when nailing or screwing.

(2) Plywood is one of the artificial panels, and its size range is extremely wide. It can be made to different sizes according to different needs.

(3) The plywood surface is easy to shape, and the curved surface design in modern architecture is best done with plywood. In addition, because the plywood is light in weight, it is easy to produce, move and install.

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