What Are Melamine Sheets ? Can Melamine Sheets Get Wet?

- Mar 18, 2019-

    What are melamine sheets ?


 The particle board melamine board is also called double-decorative panel. home improvement paint-free board and ecological board. Particle board is also called a molding board. Its substrate is also particleboard and MDF. Waterproof particle made of substrate and surface. Waterproof particle surface veneer made of domestic and imported. Particle board treated by fireproof, anti-wear and waterproof soaking Waterproof particle. Like composite wood flooring woodwprking projects.

melteca vs melamine

    What are the advantages of melamine sheet?


The moisture damage utility model has the advantages. that the surface is flat. because the double-sided expansion coefficient of the plate is the same. the deformation is not easy, the color is bright, the surface is more wear-resistant. corrosion-resistant, and the price is cheap.

 What are the disadvantages of melamine panels?

The wet particle disadvantage is that the plate body is soft. and the hinge is easy to fall off after a long time of use in living room.

can particle board get wet

  Can melamine sheets get wet?

Water damage melteca panels. are hot melt resin saturated paper finish (like the function of a plastic laminate). that fits the particle board core. The surface is very hard, but if the water penetrates into the sink, the sink gets wet and the water flows to the edge. the original moisture barrier of the panel will fail.


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