What Are Melamine Board Colors?What Are The Buying Skills Of Melamine Board?

- Mar 18, 2019-

    Nowadays, there are many kinds of Melamine Board colors in the building materials market, and the colors are also varied. However, the names and names are different. These are all users who don't know how to buy them. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the Melamine Board colors and the selection of Melamine Board. I hope to help you.

What are Melamine Board colors?


What Are Melamine Board Colors?

    The color of the Melamine Board currently on the market is divided into two sequences, light color and deep color. The light-colored sequences are these: white oak, maple, golden age, European cherry, American cherry, elegant ash. The dark sequences are: walnut, Sapele, Mengli water ash, red oak and other types. These colors can meet the requirements of different users. The melamine sheets are very suitable for furniture, wardrobes, bookcases and kitchen cabinets. The products are beautiful, flat, anti-wear, anti-corrosive and anti-ultraviolet. Good product.

What are the buying skills of Melamine Board?


The Melamine Board Selection Skills

Check if the melamine panel is flat. Inspection method: Select the side where the light is not very bright, look at the long side of the ecological board at a 45-degree angle, whether there is unevenness, and the three joint seams and sand marks of the appearance are not obvious. This is not a hard indicator, but it is feedback on whether a manufacturer's work is superb.

    2. look at the appearance of dry and wet flowers, also known as carbonization, such as the appearance of the melamine panels have a bright point-like block, the use of a long time will become black 

or the appearance of such as paint faded, these are dry and wet flowers. All of these feedback the degree of workmanship of the 

manufacturer, and at the same time reflect one of the important issues of the material variety.

    3,the paper color, generally speaking, the ink paper will not fade, the three-dimensional feeling is particularly strong, the color paper is more inferior. Inspection method: After two hours of stacking and stacking in the sun for a few hours, see if there is any color difference in the board below.

    4. Check if the Melamine Board material is cracked or bubbling. If this happens, it must be caused by the bonding strength and the substrate. It is definitely a quality problem.

    5, to see if the Melamine Board is deformed, its degree of deformation is also the feedback of the manufacturer's craft is exquisite, the plate's static bending strength is not enough. Usually, it is normal for the sheet to be deformed on the top of each pack before it has been finished. If there is deformation after making a wardrobe or finished product, it is a quality problem. The inspection method is very simple and can be distinguished by visual inspection.

    Article Summary: About Melamine Board colors and the buying skills introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. Do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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