Top Ten Suppliers Of Chinese Plates.Which Melamine Laminated Board Suppliers Are Trustworthy ?

- Mar 29, 2019-


Melamine laminate sheet have an irreplaceable position in home decoration. But in China's building materials market, there are many brands of plates. Different brands have different material specifications and quotations. So you need to select and compare them in many aspects, and finally select a satisfactory product. How can you choose a good quality product? In fact, the market is a well-known brand and it's product quality. It is much better than the average brand. Today, Xiao Bian also collected a lot of relevant information about the top ten famous brands of Chinese plates. Let's learn together.

Top ten suppliers of Chinese plates


Top Ten Famous Brands In China Plates 1. Hong Kong Xuebao Plates


Hong Kong Xuebao melamine laminated board is still leading in the decoration plate brand. It first created sheet for children's room use. It adheres to the professional and dedicated business philosophy. And integrates the trend of European and American fashion home into the Chinese market. Which is leading the development of Chinese decorative sheet. One of the international brands.


Top Ten Famous Brands In China Plates 2. Bunny Plate


Bunny Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. After continuous efforts and innovation, it has developed in the panel industry and has a good influence. Realize the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to brand service industry. And strive to build resource advantages. Innovation advantages, brand advantages. And install the six monopoly systems to achieve leap-forward development of enterprises.


China's Top Ten Brand Name Plate 3. Jinliyuan Plate


 The construction technology of Jinliyuan plate is still very strong. There advanced research and development techniques in the process, and the quality is visible. Strict technical specifications and operating procedures, pay close attention to product quality management. and take a new road in the fierce market competition, Jiangxi Baiyuan melamine laminate sheet Industry Co., Ltd.


Chinese Plate Top Ten Famous Brand 4. Han's Plate


In the 22 years of development of Han's melamine plywood. the company has a professional ecological board research. and innovation team. and solid wood custom furniture research and development, design and production team. Has "Han", "Drune" and other famous brands. The main products are:

 solid wood healthy ecological board, furniture board, plywood, solid wood custom furniture.

Which melamine laminated board suppliers are trustworthy ?


Top Ten Famous Plates Of Chinese Plate 5. Fuxiang Plate


After 23 years of unremitting efforts and innovative development, Hunan Fuxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has now developed into a modern eco-home enterprise group with services.


Top Ten Famous Plates Of Chinese Plate 6. Dawang Coconut Plate


Hangzhou Dawang Coconut,a diversified group enterprise focusing on:R&D,production.And sercice of green and friendly household building materials.For fifteen years,we have focused on  providing excellent home products.And services for the Chinese national equipment market.As well as individualized solutions.We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of products in the domestic building materials field.


Top Ten Famous Plates Of Chinese Plate 7. Jin Yuhua Plate

 Jinyuhua Plate committed to building the first brand of eco-homes in China. taking environmental protection as its mission. always insisting on changing life with technology and winning market with innovation. Jinyuhua, a modern decorative building material enterprise that serves the whole. always stands tall on both sides of ecology and quality.


Top Ten Famous Plates Of Chinese Plate 8. Shengda Plate


Shengda Wood specializes in the production and sales of high-quality melamine laminated board. It is a leading enterprise in the sales of sheet metal industry in Shanghai. The products sold well in large building materials supermarkets such as Meimeijia, B&Q and Hongxing Meikailong, with excellent quality and first-class service. Affordable prices are well received.


Top Ten Famous Plates Of Chinese Plate 9. Vientiane Melamine Wood


Hunan Wangdefu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Hunan Province Vientiane Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.. After more than ten years of hard work, it has developed from a single wooden board distributor to a large-scale R&D, production and sales nationwide. As one of the large and medium-sized decorative building materials operators.


Top Ten Famous Plates Of Chinese Plates 10. Huxiangwang Plate


In 2012, Huxiang Wood Industry became a well-known trademark in China. Huxiang Wood's sheet metal brand Huxiang Wang entered the distribution channel. with its high cost performance as its core competitiveness


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About Top ten suppliers of Chinese plates. Which melamine laminated board suppliers are trustworthy ? Introduced here to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on


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