Top Ten High Gloss Melamine Board Brands, Famous Brand Is Trustworthy

- Mar 26, 2019-

high gloss melamine board 

      The high gloss melamine board is also a paint-free board. Because it made of wood, the content of formaldehyde is small. and its environmental performance is unquestionable. Now the high gloss melamine board used in home decoration, panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other fields. So what are the top ten brands of the high gloss melamine board? The following small  series introduces. the top ten famous brand recommendations for the high gloss melamine board. You can refer to the selection of the brand that suits you!

high gloss boards advantages

-Easy to clean with no grout to maintain 

-More cost effective than back painted glass. Back painted glass is also very stylish. but in most cases will be 2 times as expensive as high gloss acrylic wall panels.

-Durable long lasting material. High resistance to UV light, cracking . and chipping makes this is popular materials vs glass, ceramic tiles, aluminum or wood.

-Simple installation process. These high gloss acrylic panels can cut drilled. and shaped with common woodworking materials. and the panels can be set with double sided foam tape and neutral cure silicone. 

high gloss panels Types

       Melamine-faced boards have either a chipboard. or MDF core with a melamine paper applied to each face. The quality and realism of the reproductions allow you to offer the look. and feel of veneers without the premium price. The panel has a pre-finished, hard wearing surface. which is easy to maintain.A Composite board with strong surface layers. combined with light yet robust cardboard honeycomb core. Besides, its lightweight features and outstanding stability offers many design and construction options.

     high gloss melamine sheet wide range of decorative boards contains both contemporary. and traditional styles; with material finishes such as Matt, Gloss, Woodgrain, Leather. and Uni Colours. These versatile products can used as door fronts, feature panels. or as an alternative to a Bonded Laminate. By combining these materials. with carcasses made from melamine faced board you can cultivate. almost any style for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms. and the shop fitting industries.

high gloss melamine board

high gloss boards Features

      Another high-end option for high-gloss laminated  surfacing is solid acrylic. Solid acrylic panels have a superior gloss level throughout. and they can refinished or repaired when scratched or marred. They are waterproof and do not warp or discolor when exposed to sun. But, while solid acrylic panels are popular in luxury European kitchens. they are heavy. and cost-prohibitive in many other applications.

      As the market for high-gloss surfaces grew over the years. the need for more affordable solutions and variety in design became clear. materials technology and manufacturing processes have advanced and enabled new manufacturing breakthroughs. and today high quality high-gloss finishes can achieved. at a modest price using a technique. that involves thin sheets of acrylic laminated. with PUR glue onto melamine-faced wood-based panels.

      high gloss boards surface aesthetic of these laminated panels rivals that of solid acrylic. and thermally fused laminate surfaces rate favorably quality. strength, luminosity, durability. and scratch resistance.

gloss melamine board

high gloss melamine cleaning tips

Although contemporary kitchen cabinets with a sleek. high-gloss finish look stunning, they tend to highlight smudges and fingerprints. So, keeping the surfaces blemish-free against reflected light is a challenge. But, since cabinets made of solid wood or veneer are usually finished with acrylic. or polyurethane lacquer. these surfaces are impervious to most household cleaners. and keeping them spotless is straightforward. But, if your cabinets  finished with a colored high-gloss lacquered surface. special cleaning techniques are essential.

Step 1

Remove surface dust by brushing your cabinets  with an electrostatic dust wand. or microfiber dust cloth.

Step 2

Immerse a clean chamois cloth in warm water and wring it out until it is  damp. Rub the damp cloth  over the surface with a sweeping downward motion. do not scrub or apply excessive pressure. Start on one side of the kitchen and clean two cabinets at a time. Once they are clean, rinse the chamois cloth out under warm running water. and wring it out before going on to the next pair of cabinets in the run.

Step 3

Clean off heavy soil and grease marks by adding a tablespoon of mild household cleaner. such as dishwashing detergent, to a plastic bucket half filled with warm water. Use a second chamois leather cloth to wash the cabinet with this solution.

Step 4

Rinse well with clean warm water and finish cleaning by applying the method described in Step 2. using a dedicated chamois cloth kept  for this purpose.


Step 1

Fill a basin with ½ cup white vinegar to every 1 quart of warm water. You will need this to remove soap residue when you finish cleaning the cabinets.

Step 2

Wet a clean sponge with water and apply several drops of a dish detergent that  designed to cut grease. Scrub the cabinets with the sponge to lift and remove dirt and residue. The dish detergent breaks down the grease so the dirt can  washed away.

Step 3

Rinse the sponge under running water to remove excess soap. Saturate with the vinegar-and-water solution and wipe down cabinets to remove soap residue. Follow with a rinse of clear water and wipe dry with a soft dry cloth.

Step 4

Wash on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of grease and grime and to keep fingerprints from showing.

 gloss laminated faced board Brands

high gloss mdf board - YUESHAN 

      Founded in 1999, YUESHAN focuses on the development,production. sales and service of building materials and householdproducts. it committed to the development of decorative panels. The company's main business: high gloss mdf cut to size, multi-layer board, gypsum board. wardrobe matching, hardware, latex, lines,etc., products cover all price levels, forming. their own brand features product system. The company has always been in the leading position in the domestic research. and development and marketing of friendly decorative materials.

     we are expert wood board and panel suppliers offering. a range of woods from high gloss made to measure panels. and melamine MDF that cut to size to caravan furniture boards and high gloss MDF sheets. 

    We committed to producing quality products with a high standard of service. because this is what is most important to us. We measure based on accuracy, we order based on competency and we post based on efficiency. Our most popular wooden panels. within our product range reflects our gloss wooden panels. incorporating a contemporary. and stylish finish our high gloss panels made to measure. and cut to size which can further fitted for any project regardless of its complexity.

    As expert high gloss wood panel suppliers receiving customer satisfaction. from initial consultation to end result is priority. Our gloss collection includes a range of colours textures. and characteristics including durable, easy to clean and scratch resistant high gloss wood. We supply information on how to input your measurements. so you are ready to order your wood panels following our easy to follow guide. 

     High Gloss panels are ideal for chic and elegant surroundings. while durable enough to withstand the demands of daily usage. The vibrant colors and wood grain patterns we offer provide cutting edge. and design-forward solutions for any application or setting.

      Made from two layers of acrylic, co-extruded into a single sheet. A vibrant color layer fused with a clear top layer to create a panel of incredible depth, gloss and clarity. Our High Gloss Panels are 100% acrylic (PMMA) which is completely inert. and does not release any harmful emissions to the environment during its production. or as a finished product.

    Available in a wide range of colors and cheap panel sizes. making it suitable for a multitude of interior applications.  from kitchen backsplashes to entire hotel foyers! Panels are thermoformable, making it the perfect solution for any feature wall.

high gloss melamine FAQ

how to apply high gloss melamine to plywood

      Sand the face of the plywood using an orbital sander and a sanding disk. Use a 90 grit sanding disk if the plywood has a quality grade rating less than "A." Use a 220 grit sanding disk. if the plywood has a quality grade rating of "A" or higher. Sanding the plywood will smooth rough spots on the surface.

     Remove the sanding dust using a shop vacuum and a damp rag. Allow the plywood to dry. In the event a 90 grit sanding disk needed for the initial sanding of the plywood. repeat the sanding process using a 220 grit sanding disk.

      Apply high-gloss polyurethane, paint or stain to the face of the plywood. using a natural-bristle paint brush. Polyurethane, available for indoor or outdoor applications. is a clear protectant that will seal the plywood. Allow the polyurethane, paint or stain to dry following the manufacturer's directions.

     Sand the plywood using an orbital sander and a 220 grit sanding disk. Wipe the plywood clean using a clean rag. Apply a second coat of high gloss polyurethane, paint or stain. Most polyurethane, paint or stain manufacturers need two coats to seal plywood. Allow the polyurethane, paint or stain to dry.

       Sand the plywood using a sheet of 320 grit sandpaper and your hand. sanding using high grit sandpaper will provide a finish that shines and is smooth to the touch. Wipe the plywood clean using a clean rag.

how to apply high gloss melamine to mdf board

Apply high gloss melamine to mdf board is the same as plywood

white high gloss melamine board

     A high gloss finish ideal for applications that require maximum smoothness and reflectance, it can be used as a dry-erase surface that cleans up instantly, making it ideal for offices, classrooms, and other work environments ... 4 ft. x 8 ft. Laminate Sheet in Markerboard White with Gloss Finish

     white high gloss melamine board have either a chipboard. or MDF core with a melamine paper applied to each face. The quality and realism of the reproductions. allow you to offer the look and feel of veneers without the premium price. The panel has a pre-finished, hard wearing surface, which is easy to maintain.

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