Top Ten Brands Yueshan Melamine Board: 7 Star Craft Is Only To Protect Your Health

- Mar 15, 2019-

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Top Ten Brands Yueshan Melamine board: 7 Star Craft is only to protect your health

In 2011, the arrival of the top ten brands of yueshan ecological

 paint-free melamine panels opened the era of home paint-free; in

 2016, yueshan sheet launched the “Famous Wood Smart Paint-

free” series, which brought Chinese melamine board

 manufacturing to a new height; 2017 In the year, the yueshan 

melamine sheets made a stunning appearance and became the new 

benchmark for the board industry. In 2018, the yueshan “aldehyde-

free” corporate standard surpassed the European “E0 level” and subverted industry perception. Behind the times of innovation, 

yueshan insists on research and development of high-end 

technology and breaks through the limitations of sheet metal.

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Each piece of yueshan ecological board is inseparable from the

 support of the high-end craftsmanship developed by the top ten 

brands of yueshan for many years - 7 stars Technology, which is 

also the magic weapon for the top ten brands of Chinese melamine 

board yueshan based on the sheet industry.

white melamine Nanoforming Technology

The master color derived from the 1‰ data acquisition sample. The nano-atomic effect used to decompose the base paper, and

 the 3D multi-dimensional coating combined to construct the

 natural surface texture to achieve a higher-end home space experience.

melamine sheets Ultra-Flat Pressing Technology

Adopting imported double-sided intelligent sanding machine,

 scientific programming 360 degrees without dead angle line 

surface sanding treatment, realize the product surface is 

smooth and smooth without pits, thus achieving seamless pressing.

melamine board Rubber Coating Technology

The automatic multi-head spray equipment rolls at a constant 

speed throughout the whole process, and the needle-type 

0.01mm3/s glue coating surface, no time neutral and blank blind 

spots are sprayed, the rubber particles bond the core and the

 facing material and avoid the finish flaw.

wood products Ultra High Temperature And High Pressure Pressing Technology

The constant temperature control locks the moisture content of the

 log 10-18%, synchronously solidifies the atomic physical structure 

inside the melamine board, and the 200-ton press-fit device casts 

the anti-corrosion and anti-deformation properties of the product.

engineered wood Ultra-High Temperature Instant Purification Process

120 ° C high-temperature constant timing purification process, 

enclosed instant high-temperature emergency heat treatment,

 strong force to contain harmful substances inside the wood.

melamine laminate Aldehyde-Free Polymerization Process

200 ° C polymer high temperature, high strength chemical 

treatment of benzene, a small amount of impurities inside the 

product to form a monomer linkage synthesis, and long-term 

storage, to ensure that the product is free of formaldehyde.

melamine panel Original Formaldehyde Removal Technology

used for precision aldehyde removal equipment for 

melamine boards, scanning free absorption of benzene in the 

suction melamine board, completely removes toxic substances such

 as formaldehyde, and ensures that the product health index is greater than 0.550NHI.

After seven years of yueshan ecological board, each piece of 

melamine board maintains a high industry standard. The three 

major aldehyde removal processes, 11 invention patents and 24 

rigorous quality inspection procedures lock the quality of 

yueshan melamine boards to high-end standards. Yueshan 

ecological board, relying on the seven-star process and four 

enterprise standards that are better than the industry requirements, 

top ten brands of Chinese melamine board yueshan melamine 

board will send “true environmental protection coffin” to the consumers' home. The efforts of 20 years are only to protect you. Health.

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