Top Ten Brands Of Melamine Faced Mdf .What Are The Top Ten Rankings Of Melamine Faced Mdf?

- Mar 25, 2019-

 melamine faced mdf

Formed by covering an MDF core with a decorative resin-impregnated paper. melamine-faced MDF  wood fibres  is suitable for use in high quality furniture. and interior design projects. The core of the material composed of wood fibres. giving a flat and smooth surface, high density and stability. which makes it excellent for processing. It is available in a variety of thicknesses, designs and decorative finishes to one or both sides.  mdf board types have  mdf melamine  moisture resistant.   mdf core  flame retardant.  melaminefaced mdf size have  10 mm. 12 mm. 16 mm. 18 mm. 25 mm. 30 mm.  

 mdf products 

 Melamine faced MDF are one of the most popular interior design element. which with the help of the developing technology can deliver the look of real wood for less. The quality of MDF and the features of the glue. used in the production of melamine faced mdfs determines. the quality of the finished product. They used in many areas such as modular furniture, interior design, kitchen. and bathrooms.

MDF is more moisture resistant then Chipboards. which is why we tell kitchen and bathroom cabinets to produced with mdf products.

MDF panel Feature

      moistureproof, waterproof: nowadays medium fibber board.  particle-board is to live in ambry important material. but because they are not fireproof, not waterproof. go up in ambry especially defend bath kitchen application. make consumer has a headache to this. And free lacquer ecology board base material USES real wood multilayer. or joinery board, made up for this market monopoly about. eliminated consumer worry at home.

      The power that grasp a hammer is good, can use  assembly: wenqi ecological material is equal to real wood. so wenqi ecological board itself holding nail force than particle board.  the board much stronger, in the use of household, damage of fibre board. and particieboard once somewhere it is difficult to repair. especially office furniture drawer broken, it is difficult to repair. and the furniture of wenqi ecological board to do certain parts damaged. oneself start work can repaired at once.

      To save money, save worry. cost-effective: now home decoration of veneers on the board, but also on the surface paint. not only the price is high. and it is difficult to achieve environmental protection need. finish decorating, interior need a long time to check in. or even due to particle board. MDF in formaldehyde content is higher than ecological board base material to. check-in after still have to continue to suffer physical damage.

Top ten brands of melamine faced mdf

Melamine Board Brands


      How about the top ten brands of the melamine board? YUESHAN covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees. producing 60,000 melamine board per day.


 2. The company wins the trust of consumers with word of mouth, adheres to the "living method" of

good people, good core, good board and good reputation as the enterprise.

and also adheres to the business philosophy of "faithfulness, no bullying. self-reliance and improvement", allowing the company to continue for many years. Obtained the “Contract-honoring and Credit-worthy Enterprise”


 3. YUESHAN series melamine board. which has the characteristics of environmental protection, realistic texture and solid wood affinity. has favored by consumers. It has also applied for the patent of Wooden Shunxin Board. which has praised and loved by many people in Southeast Asia such as Japan. Countries and regions enjoy a high reputation.



What are the top ten rankings of melamine faced mdf?

Melamine Faced Mdf brand ranking

    1, YUESHAN: Established in 1993,

listed company, drafting unit of plywood industry standard.  integrated service provider of interior decoration materials.

 2.YISHANG: FOSHAN famous trademark,

producing household environmental protection building materials such as:

 plates, floors, wooden doors, and wardrobes, and also researching, manufacturing, and selling.

 3. Moganshan: Established in 1995, Zhejiang Famous Trademark, an decorative material enterprise. that launched veneer plywood earlier.

 4. Fuqing: A company that has started to develop blockboards. and committed to the development. production and research of friendly decorative materials.

 5. Fuxiang:

 It is a modern eco-home enterprise group integrating scientific research, production, marketing. and service.

 6. Qianshan: Established in 1998, the professional furniture board manufacturer. the domestic large-scale environmental protection sheet production base.  is a large-scale enterprise integrating melamine faced plywood, plywood, blockboard. and Ou Song board.

 7. Penghong: Established in 1997, the famous trademark of Liaoning Province,. blockboard, wood-based panel and laminated mdf are well-known in China.

 8. Wanhua: A large-scale zero-formaldehyde straw board supplier in the world. engaged in the research and development. and production of zero-formaldehyde ecological straw boards and ecological adhesives.

 9. Fuhan Wood Industry: Beginning in 1991. the drafting board industry standard drafting unit integrates imported wood. scientific research, finance, information, logistics, trade, and wood deep processing.

 10. Dawang Coconut: A large domestic wood board and melamine plywood sheets manufacturer. industry standard drafting unit, and leader in the home decoration materials industry.

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