The Wonderful Use Of Shelves

- Oct 21, 2018-

melamine white shelf introduction

       In the north, shelves also have a wonderful use to solve many people's troubles. After a long time of decoration, many people will find that the white walls above the heating in their homes are beginning to darken. This is because the northern weather is very dry, with strong static electricity, and there is a lot of dust. The convective heat dissipation of the heater drives the air circulation, so under the dual action of static electricity and circulating airflow, dust will be absorbed on the wall. With the heat dissipation of the heater, this problem will become more serious. The black patch can't be removed, which makes many people worried. This can be prevented if shelves are used in advance. Peng Yuanjun introduced that you can install a shelf above the radiator, on which you can put some green vines such as Cymbidium. During the winter heating period, you can not only block the circulation of air flow, prevent the white wall from turning black, but also play a decorative role, bringing full of spring to your home.

What is the shelf board used for?

melamine white shelf

        The use of floating window space can also cause headache to many people. If the room area is too small and the floating window area is relatively large, you can make a small desk with shelf above the floating window. In this way, you can also make a reading space. In a small room, a shelf under the mirror can also make a small dressing table for the hostess to depict exquisite makeup.


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