What Are The Mistakes In Selecting Panels?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Panels are an indispensable decoration material in home decoration, but do consumers know which panels need to be used for decoration,and how much do they know about them? There are more and more types of artificial boards, and the names are increasing. If you want to distinguish them, then you should know its misunderstanding. The following small series will introduce you to the relevant information about the board.

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Origin Of The Board:

First, development:

1. The earliest panel is wood for woodworking. It is used for making furniture or other living facilities. The definition of today's panels in the development of science and technology is very broad. There are different materials in furniture manufacturing, construction industry and processing industry.

2. Today, it is usually made into a standard rectangular flat rectangular building material panel for wall, ceiling or floor components.

3. Thick blank wood board.

4. Forged, rolled or cast metal sheets.

Second, the type:

The panels are: solid wood board, large core board, bamboo board, MDF, veneer, thin core board, finger joint board, melamine board, waterproof board, gypsum board, cement board, paint-free board, baking board, particle board, etc.

Third, the characteristics:

1. The sheet product has a flat shape, a large width to thickness ratio, and a large surface area per unit volume.

2. It can be cut, bent, stamped, welded and made into various product components, which is flexible and convenient to use.

3. It can be bent and welded into various types of complex sections such as steel, steel pipe, large I-beam, channel steel and other structural parts.

Wall sheets used in the market are roughly classified into cement, concrete, gypsum and composite according to materials.

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What Are The Mistakes In The Buy Of Panels?

1. Particleboard is more friendly than MDF.The difference between particleboard and MDF is that the raw material of the particleboard is not completely broken and destroyed into fibers, but broken and broken into granules, which is generally called shavings, and then added with rubber. The MDF is made of wood. The raw materials are completely broken and destroyed into a fibrous form and then joined by a rubber. The density of particleboard is close to that of medium density fiberboard, but because the particleboard is pressed by the addition of the shaving material, the density is not uniform, the middle is low, and the two ends are high, so the holding force is lower than that of the medium density fiberboard.

Moreover, the surface of the MDF is fine, and the flatness is higher than that of the particle board. However, particleboard is better in terms of moisture absorption and moisture resistance than medium density board, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, it can be said that qualified MDF and particleboard are only functionally different, and no one is more friendly.

2, Solid wood particle board is "new environmental protection products"

Because the panel furniture made of MDF and particleboard that have not reached the national scale has been used for many indoor pollution cases, the reputation of these two kinds of panels is not very good. Therefore, many sales staff have given new to these two kinds of panels. Name, misleading consumers. The most common name is called MDF, which is called particle board. Solid wood particle board is the grain of solid wood, it is definitely different from solid wood.

3, Blockboard Is Solid Wood Board.

The blockboard is also called a large core board. The logs are cut into strips, spliced into cores, and the outer surface materials are processed. Since the main materials are all solid wood, many sales staff will mention that it is an environmentally-friendly sheet. In fact, the large core board is an artificial board containing adhesive.

4. Trimeric Hydrogen Ammonia Panel Is Medium Density Board.

The panel is a paper printed with color or wood grain, which is immersed in a melamine transparent resin and then heat-pressed on the surface of the substrate. After the melamine resin is cured, the veneer has good physical functions such as wear resistance and scratch resistance, and has certain resistance to open flame. The panels made of this material are called tripolyhydrogen ammonia panels, and the substrates are different. MDF and particleboard can be made into tripolyhydrogen ammonia panels.

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