The Most Complete Melamine Board Price List . Melamine Board Vs Mdf

- Mar 20, 2019-

  The decoration materials are becoming more and more diversified. with the development of science and technology. and the home decoration plates are also the same. At present, there are ecological plates and mdfs in the market. Someone asked. The Most complete melamine board price list. and Melamine board vs mdf, About these aspects. the afternoon Author will tell everyone, let’s take a look!

The Most complete melamine board price list

Melamine Board Price List


 The price list of the melamine board is from the source network. The price is for reference only. The specific price is subject to the buy. I hope the answer of Author will help you!


   1,YUESHAN, specification 1830 * 915 (mm) 43.00 yuan; specification 1.22 * 2.44 * 16mm 134.00 yuan;


 2.YISHANG, quote: 215.00 yuan / square meter;

Qingdao Oriental Meisu Trading Co., Ltd.,

quote: 225.00 yuan / square meter;

Linyi City, gold inlaid jade decorative building materials sales center,

quote: 150.00 yuan / square meter;


 3. Shanghai Fulin Wood Company, reference price: 58 yuan; Shanghai Shendong Timber Co., Ltd. reference price: 61 yuan.

Melamine board vs mdf


Melamine Board Vs Mdf




 a. Introduction to mdf


 The mdf board is also solid wood. which formed into a granular shape by pulverized wood processing. and then passes through a process such as mixing, high pressure, and finally into a mdf. The mdf has three layers, the middle layer is the largest particle, the two sides are small. and the middle layer particles are directional. which results in the plate being very stable, such as not deformed, not easy to lift.


 b. mdf performance


 The mdf cut by a flaker to form a fixed-size piece. The real wood selected, which retains the natural structure of the wood. It is only 8-10% when it soaked in water. Because the inside is granular, the nail holding force is The density is very strong.


 c. mdf specifications


 Mdf board specifications, there are 16 MM, 18MM, 19MM. and other specifications on the market. Solid wood mdf has the advantages of low expansion rate, strong fire resistance and high deformation resistance. and its formaldehyde content is only 1/3 of domestic production.


 2. Melamine Board


 a. melamine panel definition


 The melamine board is also the melamine veneer that people often say. The production process is to first put paper with different colors or different textures. put it into the eco-resin resin adhesive, soak it, and then heat it. The surface of the fiberboard such as the foam board. and the moisture-proof board is finally subjected to hot pressing to form a decorative board.


 b. melamine sheet features


 High temperature resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance. break through the insurmountable problems of high formaldehyde,

easy bubble,


blasting and other plates;

color type methods, colorful and beautiful;

because of the new materials, the price is more than the average plate More expensive.


 Article Summary: About The Most complete melamine board price list . Melamine board vs mdf introduced here to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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