The Introduction To Melamine Laminate Brand Rankings. Which Is Better For The Melamine Laminate Brand?

- Mar 20, 2019-

 The melamine laminate is a very common material on the market today. and it called a paint-free board in the industry. Because it does not must painting, it is very friendly. Many consumers will choose to use it, but there are so many brands on the market, and it is very tangled. The following small series will introduce the introduction. of the melamine laminate brand rankings. and the melamine laminate brand.

The introduction to melamine laminate brand rankings

Melamine Laminate Brand Rankings 1, YUESHAN


 Founded in 2000, the company committed to:

product innovation,



and after-sales;

focus on the development of decorative materials,

 including each price grade. to produce its own brand features product system. the company's research in low-carbon decorative materials. and Market sales have always been the first in China.


Melamine Laminate Sheets Brand Rankings 2, YISHANG


 Founded in 1993, the domestic well-known trademark, the company located in guangdong Province,

the company has now developed into:

 a coating,

gypsum board,


and wooden doors

and other excellent products,

and touched the financial

and real estate, etc.,

set research, manufacture, sale, service for The modern building materials. and home furnishing company has won the prestigious reputation of the top ten brands of the melamine sheets.


Melamine Laminate Brand Rankings 3, Moganshan Melamine Board


 Founded in 1995, the company located in Zhejiang Province. The company has already produced a continuous production process from the

cultivation, planting, manufacturing and sales of the forest.

After more than 20 years of hard work and hard work. Moganshan has become One of the strongest. and most influential low-carbon decorative material production companies in China.


Melamine Laminate Brand Ranking 4, Bunny Melamine Panel


 Founded in 1993, with 20 years of perseverance and innovation. the company has grown from a simple decorative panel manufacturing company to a influential room decoration material service provider. The product sales network covers every city in China. And exported to all parts of the world.


Melamine Laminate Brand Rankings 5, Millennium Boat Melamine Board


 Founded in 1999. it focuses on the prosperity of domestic healthy home building materials. The core products cover :

ecological panels,

wooden doors,




cabinet materials, etc.

The company centered on each type of sheet products, and the brand is becoming more mature. Excellent products such as floor wooden doors, paint glue and decorative hardware introduced.


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