Shelf Receiving Function

- Oct 28, 2018-


Shelves function intorduction:


        According to the different arrangement of sheets. shelves can changed from simple display boards to:


CD shelves,

shoe shelves,

bowl a

nd dish shelves

and storage shelves,

which not only have decorative functions, but also have storage functions.


Shelf can bring a lot of convenience to people's life:

in the hall, you can install a shelf on the wall, shelving keys, door cards, glasses and other small items for outdoor use. which is convenient;

in the wall next to the living room TV, you can install a row of shelves, as CD shelves, easy to take and place. in the back of the living room sofa, you can also place a row of shelves. which can put some.

Books can also used as a shelter for snack can. so that you can pick up snacks you want while watching TV. and read books when you don't watch TV. which is convenient and occupies no space; at the bedside of the bedroom. you can install a shelf, or put some books, and turn around; on the wall above the dining table, you can put a shelf. which can make some small bottles of spicy food you usually use.

Sauce, vinegar, etc. can e placed on it. but also on some unique wine, exquisite craft porcelain dishes, or a bunch of flower arrangement, a pot of green plants, the use of meals become more interesting;

in the kitchen stove wall, you can put a shelf, pepper, oil, salt and other condiment bottles, at a glance, easy access; and in the bathroom, put gargle utensils, soap. Glass shelves are very common.


        Besides to small items, shelves can also made into large storage areas. Make bookshelves with shelves, and choose appropriate bookshelves to complement each other. Simple-shaped bookshelves can matched with log-colored shelves, cute or alternative bookshelves can matched with baking paint or mixed oil shelves.

if used as shelves, shoes and schoolbags can e collected in the porch area. and cloth curtains can drawn outside to make them more beautiful; besides, sundry things can collected on the balcony, shelves can used instead of cabinets to handle the side of the wall if stored; To store clothes, you can put wallpaper on the wall. If you want to store sundries, you don't need to deal with the wall.

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