What Is Difference Between Particle Board, Ecological Board, Multi-layer Board And Solid Wood?

- Apr 01, 2019-

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Plates are often constructed from home-built walls, ceilings or floors. The main circulating plates in the market are solid wood particle board.  Solid wood ecological board, solid wood multi-layer board and solid wood. In fact, many consumers can't recognize the gap. So today we understand the difference between plates.

Plate knowledge lecture hall

Solid Wood Particle Board


The solid wood particle board belongs to the particle board. It made of wood or other lignocellulosic material. The dense wood fiber used on both sides, and the long wood fiber sandwiched between the two sides. After applying the adhesive, the synthetic wood-based board called the heat and pressure. . It is less durable and friendly than solid wood panels and solid wood.


But, its material is thin, and the cut surface will be very well processed, so it is not easy to open the glue. It's easy to make a shape, usually a door panel or a back panel. The disadvantage is that the moisture resistance is poor and not friendly.


Solid Wood Ecological Board


The substrate used in the middle of the eco-board refers to a multi-layer solid wood (plywood),

blockboard (such as Malacca, Chinese fir, paulownia, poplar, etc.) melamine veneer.


The eco-board has good fire and moisture resistance and is often used in cabinets, bathrooms and other products. Besides, the sheet is not discolored, and it is not easy to peel, and the sheet can processed into a variety of styles with strong texture. It can nailed, planed, sawn, without painting, without any odor, and is convenient for construction. The disadvantage is that the process is demanding and the gap between the products itself is large. Making it difficult for consumers to choose.

What is the difference between solid wood particle board, solid wood ecological board, solid wood multi-layer board and solid wood?


Solid Wood Laminate


It formed by hot pressing of a template adhesive of three or more layers of veneers or sheets. It is generally divided into 3, 5/9/12/15/18 PCT, which is the current evergreen plate of handmade furniture.


It's advantages are the silhouette. The structure is solid, the appearance looks more beautiful and generous. And it also has a good touch when it comes into contact. One of his biggest advantages is the ability to adjust the humidity and temperature of the room. It is a good friendly sheet. The disadvantage is that the required process is severe, and the sanding. Cold pressing and other processes will not deviate from the ideal effect if they fail to meet the standard. At the same time. The plates made by the bad merchants will glued with inferior glue. Which may cause the plates to separate and deform and redce the service life.


Solid Wood


Solid wood panels made of complete wood (logs) and classified by material name. There are no uniform standards and specifications.


Solid wood panels are the most natural panels, green and durable. Generally no artificial additives. But, natural wood is too fake, and the patterns and patterns are also constrained by natural wood. The space chosen is small. Post-maintenance also requires a lot of energy.


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