Particle Board Vs Mdf - How To Choose Decoration Board?

- Mar 18, 2019-


In the decoration process, various decorative plates used, and the

 characteristics of each plate are different, so the decorative effect is also different. Particleboard and solid wood granules are two common materials. So Particle board vs MDF which is better, how do you choose to decorate the panels? Let's take a look with the small series!

Particle board vs mdf


Particle Board Advantages:

Particle board has strong insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption.

 2. Since the inside of the plate is a cross-displacement structure,

its performance is stable, and the lateral load-bearing capacity is also better.

 3. The surface of the particle board is smooth, the texture is

 realistic, and it is resistant to pollution and aging. It can also be used for various veneer decoration.

 4. In the production process, the amount of glue used is very

 small, so the environmental protection factor is high, and there is

 no need to worry about formaldehyde.

 Disadvantages of particle sheet:

 1 Because the particle board is a granular structure, milling is difficult.

 2 When the particle board is cut, it is easy to cause the tooth phenomenon, so the processing requirements are very high and require professional technical processing.

 MDF advantages:

  1. particle board vs plywood ,we can know that The inside of the MDF is also patchy granular, so it has good nail holding, round nails and screws, and the processing performance is better than the density board.

 2. The density of MDF is relatively high, which can better preserve the essence of natural wood, use less glue and have good environmental protection.

 3. Another advantage of MDF is that it has good stability, is not prone to warping and deformation, and has high strength and good hardness. It will not be deformed by hanging some heavy items on it.

 Disadvantages of MDF

 However,Particle board vs mdf,the flatness of MDF is not as good as particle board, and it is more difficult to make other styles.

How to choose decoration board

 How to choose decoration plate

 1, the purchase of decorative plates, first of all to judge from the appearance of the board, usually the surface of the good quality plate is smooth without cracks, no wormholes. Moreover, the whole sheet should be flat and free from warping. When standing upright, the corners should be straight and the sheets should be completely fitted.

 2, secondly, look at the side of the board to judge, to carefully see whether the thickness of the core board is uniform, straight, but also to observe whether the board is rotten, whether there is cracking at both ends. Generally, the quality of the plate is straight, the thickness is uniform, and the core is free from decay and cracking.

 3, Finally, you can also look at the bonding quality of the board. You can simply do an experiment, cut the board from the particle board 4x8, and then put it in water at 63 °C and boil it for 3 hours. Then observe whether the rubber layer on each end of the wooden board has a glue opening phenomenon. If the quality of the material is good, there is no such phenomenon.

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