Panel Furniture VS Solid Wood Furniture

- Apr 19, 2019-

Price Comparison:

The price of panel furniture is several times or even thousands of times cheaper than solid wood furniture (compared to the precious trees such as red sandalwood and huanghuali).

Melamine board use in bedroom

Physical Properties:

The high-quality panel furniture made of high-quality particleboard (also known as MDF). The high-quality particleboard is wood without insects, no decay, and no discoloration. It is a raw material which  is dried and pulverized into granular and fibrous materials after removing defects such as shackles and tree cores. Then, the two raw materials layered and mixed in a small amount, and then a small amount of glue added, and then 400 tons of pressure was pressed by mechanical equipment. So, the finished board has high density, compact structure and stable physical properties. Thus, the panel furniture is not deformed, and its bending resistance is no less than even higher than that of pure wood. The solid wood furniture is only subjected to simple drying treatment before the production. The furniture made of wood with uneven water content will deformed and cracked due to the change of environmental dryness in the past few years.

Surface treatment:

The surface of solid wood furniture is painted with various colors of paint. The paint will gradually be oxidized and yellowed in the air, and the surface will lose its luster. It is more troublesome to take care of. The surface of the panel furniture is decorated with refractory, wear-resistant, acid-resistant melamine grease, which is not yellow or deformed.

The environmental protection, wear resistance, fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance of panel furniture are higher than traditional solid wood furniture.

1. Environmental protection: The substrate used for good panel furniture is high-quality wood shavings, and the glue used is highly environmentally friendly and uses less glue. The raw materials are mainly formed by high pressure, and the surface is made of environmentally friendly melamine fireproof material without any volatile gas being released. The surface of solid wood furniture is painted with various colors of paint, and the paint contains harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. Any kind of paint contains these harmful gases, just a matter of quantity. Inferior solid wood furniture is made of paint that is not at all standard, and the home made has a significant irritating odor for several years.

2. Abrasion resistance: Melamine resin is a kind of material with high hardness. The general metal will not leave scratches on it, and the paint is a soft material, which is easy to be scratched and not wearable.

3. Fire resistance: The melamine resin itself is a fireproof material and does not support combustion. Paint is a material that is easy to burn and is not fire resistant.

4. Acid and alkali resistance: The melamine resin has certain acid and alkali resistance, and the general acid and alkali will not damage the surface. The physical properties of the paint are not very stable and are easily burned by acid and alkali, losing surface brightness or even stripping paint.

18mm particle board sheet

In terms of style:

Solid wood furniture is generally made in the classical style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. The so-called solid wood furniture sold in the mall is actually the same as the sheet furniture. However, the surface is affixed with veneer with a thickness of 0.2-0.6, and then painted with paint, which is called solid wood furniture. In fact, this name is not in violation of regulations, because the furniture industry is also defined in national industry standards. For solid wood furniture.

In color:

The sheet type has hundreds of colors such as solid color series, wood grain series, embossed series and flower color series. The solid wood furniture is generally only about a dozen, and the color like mahogany is half, not to mention whether it is real mahogany or fake mahogany, the color is too monotonous, too depressed.

In terms of design and installation:

Pure solid wood furniture is generally holistic, using traditional methods of production, using the opening method to connect the parts, without disassembly and assembly. If the furniture is large and moving, it is troublesome and easy to break. Because it is not disassembled as a whole, it can only be customized according to the manufacturer. The panel furniture itself is an assembled piece of furniture that is detachable and flexible, and can be designed and installed according to the size of your needs.

In addition to the above, our traditional concept of furniture is durable goods. In the past, a set of furniture was used for ten or even twenty years. With the changes of the times, furniture is becoming a short-term item. A set of furniture will be replaced in three or five years. The reason is that the pace of development of the times is too fast. After three or five years, there will be newer fashions, newer models and more contemporary style furniture. Therefore, panel furniture is gradually replacing traditional solid wood furniture.

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