Melamine Vs Laminate What Is The Difference Between Laminate And Melamine?

- Aug 08, 2019-

 laminate melamine sheets concept

laminated wood is one kind of melamine laminates products. High pressure laminate sheet products are made of two or more layers of resin soaked fiber or fabric by the combination of the whole, hot pressing. Laminated products can be processed into a variety of insulation and structural parts, high pressure laminate manufacturers widely used in motors, transformers, Melamine furniture. High and low voltage  sheet of melamine resin appliances, electrical instruments and electronic equipment. High pressure laminate panels products can be plates, tubes, rods or other shapes single melamine paper.Laminated paperboard can withstand saw, drill, car, milling, planing and other processing, after Melamine panels laminate veneer preparation processing should not appear cracks and slag, thickness in 3mm or less can punch processing, cold stamping type without low pressure laminate heating, general models need after preheating punching. Used for insulation parts of high and low voltage electrical machinery and electronic industry respectively.


melamine vs laminate

Melamine sheets concept

Melamine board, referred to as melamine sheets, the full name is Melamine laminate impregnated paper veneer artificial board. It is to have the melamine resin paper of different color or grain to be immersed in adhesive of 3 melamine resin, dry next to certain solidification degree, its shop is installed in particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, joinery board, multilayer board or other hard fiberboard surface, through hot pressing and become adornment board. In the production process, it is usually composed of several layers of paper, and the amount depends on the use.

According to the internal fiber morphology can be divided into melamine particle plate and melamine density plate two kinds. Melamine particle board substrate is wood into particles and wood chips, through, redirection, hot pressure, glue dry formation; Melamine density board is based on wood into sawdust, after redirection, hot pressure, glue dry formation. The difference between the two is: particle plate strength, density plate is relatively weak, the ability to nail stronger than particle plate.


 laminate melamine

melamine vs laminate differences

The surface of the laminate can accurately mimic the surface patterns of other materials, such as granite, SLATE and wood, with realistic effects. Can withstand hot pans and won't absorb spilled wine, oil, or hot drinks. Laminate countertops can even withstand scratching and chemical corrosion, and hard, smooth surfaces are easy to clean. If it is used as a cutting board for cutting dishes, choose a thicker one to withstand greater pressure and ensure the service life. Its base material is density board, the surface layer is fireproof material and decorative veneer, need to use fireproof board veneer, PVC veneer, metal strip sealing edge to cover the section of wood base material, in the corner of the mesa joint, the lack of effective treatment means, usually use silicone bonding, plastic and special metal embedded to increase the appearance.


Advantages for the advantages and disadvantages of ecological board, or greater than the disadvantages, the board itself is a natural infinite natural raw materials, can be recycled, and has the incombustible, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, and plate has the function of waterproof, anti-corrosion, insect-resistant, mouldproof, another is the color of the plate can be arbitrary collocation, and installation is very simple, do not need to spray paint can be used directly, and the color of the plate for a long time will not fade, construction is convenient, thus become the better choice to decorate plank.

The advantages and disadvantages of the ecological board are still relatively few, but need to pay attention to the content of two aspects, one is the ecological board in the cutting and edge sealing, very easy to break, so the construction must pay more attention to. The second need to pay attention to the wide use of this kind of plate, so there are a lot of good products in the market, in the purchase must be carefully identified, to ensure the quality of the plate.

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