Melamine Plywood And Melamine Covered Chipboard Which Is Better .

- Mar 29, 2019-

The melamine plywood and melamine covered chipboard on the market are environmentally-friendly plates. They are used in interior decoration and furniture making. What are the advantages of these two kinds of plates? Which one is more suitable for furniture plates? Let's take a look at the melamine plywood and the melamine covered chipboard.Melamine plywood and melamine covered chipboard which is better


1.Which Is Better For Ecological And Melamine Covered Chipboard?

A. melamine plywood and melamine covered chipboard which is good - melamine plywood

There are quite a lot of kinds of plates in the melamine plywood, and the color is bright and bright. You don't need to carry out the veneer decoration process to make the furniture . The environmental protection of this plate is also very good. Don't worry if you use it. It will volatilize formaldehyde, benzene and other gases harmful to the human body.

This is because it is in the form of paint-free plates, and does not require painting, baking, and the like, which avoids the generation of harmful substances to the human body, and the high temperature resistance of the melamine plywood is also excellent. It has excellent properties such as wear resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance, and it is not easy to have problems such as easy blistering, blasting and delamination of the sheet.

The core of this kind of board is composed of Malacca core and Chinese fir core. The fir core is made of whole square machine, which belongs to all solid wood board. The surface layer is melamine dough, paint-free technology, environmental protection. The degree is up to E0 level, the amount of glue is small, but if it is used to make furniture, the price is relatively expensive.

B. melamine plywood and melamine covered chipboard which is good - melamine covered chipboard

The appearance of the melamine covered chipboard is very obvious. It can be easily discerned by ordinary people. It's wood grain is large and has the essence of melamine board, so it's environmental performance is better, and the surface of the board is flat. Smooth, no warping, cracking, etc., decorative is good.

It has good physical properties, sound insulation, mildew resistance, heat preservation, etc., and it's uniform texture gives it better nail holding power, bending resistance and stability. It is a very economical board, but it the flatness is not as good as the melamine plywood. It is difficult to make curved shapes. It contains a lot of industrial glue, and the formaldehyde is released more than the melamine plywood.

Melamine plywood and melamine covered chipboard which is better


  2. Which kind of furniture board is more suitable?

The most suitable sheet for the manufacture of furniture on the market is melamine board, which is mainly made of particleboard or MDF, and melamine board based on multi-layer board, which is suitable for kitchen, bathroom and balcony. The damp area is used for the production of furniture such as cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

If it is necessary to compare the cabinet furniture with large bearing capacity, the panel can choose the fingerboard of the fir, and then the frame and the base layer can choose melamine panels or multi-layer board.

Article Summary: About Melamine plywood and melamine covered chipboard which is better .Which kind of furniture board is more suitable? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on


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