Melamine Ply Top Ten Brand Rankings. What Are The Benchmarks For Chinese Plate Brands?

- Mar 28, 2019-


Nowadays, people's living standards are improving, and

 the requirements for home decoration design are getting higher and higher. As one of the main decoration materials in home

 decoration, the plate is also more and more abundant for the plate

 manufacturers of different brands. Consumers offer more choices. The following is a list of the top ten brands in the melamine ply.

Melamine ply top ten brand rankings .


Melamine Ply Top Ten Famous Brand Rankings In YUESHAN.

 YUESHAN established in 1999. It is currently a large-scale environmentally-friendly decorative sheet metal enterprise. In the

 sheet metal industry, it has taken the lead in launching a chain

 monopoly system, and has established more than 1,000 specialty

 stores across the country.

The YISHANG Board Of The Top Ten Famous Brands In The Melamine Plywood

 The YISHANG Board is very well known in the industry. It is a 

company specializing in multi-layer boards, block boards, flooring and other home building materials. The company also imports 

high-quality wood from world-famous log producers such as 

Brazil, the United States, and Russia to form a global supply network of raw materials.

 Melamine ply Top Ten Brands List of Bunny

 Bunny was established in 1993. After years of hard work, the brand has developed from a single decorative veneer production enterprise to a large domestic interior decoration material service provider. And the products are exported to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

 Jinliyuan, the top ten famous brands in the melamine plywood sheets

 Jinliyuan has production bases in Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangxi. The company has ten years of dedicated quality marketing experience and is a self-produced ultra-large-scale brand operator.

 Peng Hong, the top ten brands in the melamine ply

 Peng hong was established in 1997 and has won many honorary titles such as “China Famous Brand” and “China Famous Brand”. At present, it has developed into a large-scale and influential “green interior decoration material supplier” in China, and its product marketing network covers all parts of the country.

What Are The Benchmarks For Chinese Plate Brands?

 Jinqiu melamine board,melamine ply top ten famous brand rankings

 Founded in 1984, Jinqiu is a company that mainly produces blockboard, MDF, decorative panels and other panels. The plate produced by the company has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, no deformation, green environmental protection, etc. It is an ideal interior decoration material and high-grade furniture making material. melamine ply top ten famous brand rankings Fuqing

 As one of the top ten brands of Chinese plates, Fuqing relies on high-quality domestic and foreign distributor resources, standardized, systematic service system and Fuqing team with common values to provide a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the national home.

 Melamine ply top ten famous brand rankings

 The brand is a plate company mainly engaged in production and sales. In 2000, the company implemented the internal shareholding mechanism, formulated and implemented the employee growth path; implemented ERP, CRM management system, remote video conferencing system, and the industry of investment return and capital turnover rate was far ahead.

 Melamine ply top ten famous brand rankings of Xuebao melamine panels

 Xuebao belongs to the Hong Kong brand. The brand's sheet is made of international advanced automatic machine production line. After 28 steps of refining, it can guarantee that the inner core strips are all standard solid wood and the glue strength reaches the country. standard.

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