Melamine Office Furniture Application in Laminated furniture

- Aug 08, 2019-

 melamine furniture definition


The office furniture solutionsis the general name of medium fiber board. triamine board, plywood and other artificial boards. Office furniture manufacturers has the characteristics of simple design. Low cost and multi-purpose style.


The main material of office furniture is melamine veneer sheets. Which used in the office furniture chairs market. Including medium fiber board (MDF), melamine board (melamine board, environmental protection board). particle board (particleboard, bagasse board), and plywood.


melamine sheets

office furniture design Main material

mdf board 

Put MDF or particleboard on the surface of high temperature. And high pressure with melamine paper decoration board.


Features: water resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, high finish, stable performance. Rich color, beautiful appearance. Surface for plastic film, no chemical gas volatilization. Triamine board is usually used to do office screen, is an ideal material for office screen.


melamine plywood


Put MDF or particleboard on the surface of high temperature.  And high pressure with melamine paper decoration board.


Features: water resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance. high finish, stable performance, rich color, beautiful appearance. Surface for plastic film, no chemical gas volatilization. Triamine board is usually used to do office screen, is an ideal material for office screen.


Particle board 

 Features: loose material, light weight, strong nail grip, moisture and water resistance. Easier to control formaldehyde release, not easy to deformation and other advantages. Suitable for the place of furniture plane. Its disadvantages are large particles. Not suitable for painting, carving, blister and other processes and sheet. Under the condition of quality assurance. Particle board and medium density are not good or bad. Particle board is a fashionable material. So it is usually used to make fashionable office furniture.


melamine furniture board application


office furniture board room table


1. Pressure and impact resistance, not easy to deformation


2. Hard density board can punched, drilled, and made into sound absorption board. Which can applied in decoration engineering of buildings


3. The performance of medium density board is close to that of natural wood, but there is no defect of natural wood




1. Heavy weight, as furniture workers know well. density board furniture is very difficult to climb stairs


2. Resistant to moisture, even more resistant to moisture than particleboard


3. Poor grip force. If the screw loosens after tightening, it is not easy to fix it again


wall office organizer


Where is the advantage of metope wood facing? Reduce noise, promote sleep quality. Produce perfect diffuse reflection of sound, buffer the impact of heavy bass. And the material itself is good absorption of bad sound sharp wave. So to form a perfect three-level noise reduction function in space. And improve the sleep quality of one third of life.


Why do people choose wood finishes for their walls? Wood can regulate the moisture in the air. When the pressure of water vapor in the air is greater than the pressure of wood vapor. Wood from the air to absorb water, for moisture absorption. The reverse is desorption. Wood adjusts the moisture in the air by breathing. Relieve physical fatigue.


Wood facing used in many families now. It has natural and delicate wood texture. Which is an irreplaceable natural material for any other material. Clever application wood facing material is qualitative, use each inch space better thereby. Make interior adornment style height unified, present the wind of atmosphere. Reflect master high grade.


melamine panel

laminated melamine board office furniture selection criteria


1. Appearance of board office furniture


In modern office environment. If put on elegant wind solid wood office furniture, will show disharmony. Modern board type office furniture has the characteristic such as vogue. Individual character, pure and fresh and natural. Bright and fresh surface, simple and fashionable style. These are the style of modern office space. We in the selection of board office furniture. We must pay attention to the appearance of furniture, style. And office decoration style must form a harmonious match.


2. Quality of board office furniture


Board type office furniture formed by cutting saw. Decorative edge sealing and assembling of parts. For the plate of office furniture, the flatness, verticality. And Angle of plate components required in cutting saw. Generally speaking, the cutting and sawing technology of the plate is less than 0.01 mm per meter. And the cutting and sawing back of the plate which meets the need of precision is flat and good to the Angle. So that the plate will not tilt after the office furniture made.


3. Size of panel office furniture


There are national standards for the size of office furniture. If the size of office furniture is smaller than the specified size. It will bring a lot of inconvenience and affect the normal use of office furniture. ,when we buy office furniture. We need to make reasonable planning for the office environment in advance. Then, according to the corresponding planning, choose the appropriate size of office furniture. In this way, spatial and visual incongruity can avoided.


4. Hardware for panel office furniture


No less than door cannot have hinge. Drawer cannot have slippery course same, board type office furniture. Cannot leave hardware joint likewise. Modern office furniture hardware, requires dexterity, smooth, surface plating treatment. Can not have rust, burr, etc. If it is a plastic part, the requirements of beautiful shape, bright colors. The use of the force should be strong and elastic, not too thin. Open type connector requires flexible rotation, internal spring, to be elastic. In this way, office furniture in the use of the process, will be smooth, easy, friction, even no friction. Extend the service life of office furniture.


5. Formaldehyde emission standard for board office furniture


This is an important but most overlooked point purchasing office furniture. Formaldehyde, also known as formalin,is a certain impact on human health of toxic and harmful substances. Board office furniture is generally based on particleboard and MDF. The formaldehyde in its plank released amount. There is strict regulation in national standard. Among them,the formaldehyde emission of particleboard is less than or equal to 50 mg per 100 grams. Formaldehyde emission of MDF, less than 40 mg per 100 grams. In the buy of office furniture. It recommended to open the door and drawer,if there is a smell to stimulate the odor. causing tears in the eyes or cause coughing and other conditions. Then the formaldehyde emission in office furniture exceeds the standard.

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