Melamine Furniture Use In Commercial Office Furniture Selection And Maintenance

- Aug 09, 2019-

 Is melamine furniture toxic use in office furniture?

Is the melamine furniture toxic? Generally speaking, it can said that the Melamine Furniture board is not toxic. You can rest assured of using office furniture. But you should know that if there are some Melamine Furniture. That do not meet the quality production standards. Then this kind of plate is also toxic. Because the chemicals released from the cyanamine board are formaldehyde. Formaldehyde known to be toxic, and it does a lot of harm to the human body. This kind of cyanamine board Furniture Solutions not only has a smooth surface. The most important of commercial furniture services is a kind of affordable product. Generally speaking,commercial furniture interior reference price,is 50 to 70 square meters per square meter. And the melamine board on the market, has also reached the melamine furniture board national standard. But the accumulation of a variety of furniture . Makes the decorated house formaldehyde me.


lamine board exceed the standard. So it is best to keep the house ventilated for a few months after decoration. Only in this way can harmful gases in the air reach the national standard before checking in.


commercial furniture

modern commercial office furniture selection method


1. Melamine furniture baord quality


Choose a product , it is to choose manufacturer first. Want to see clear the name of manufacturer on plank, production factory address. Trademark when choosing manufacturer all ready, font is clear.


2. melamine surface


After choosing good manufacturer, choose lumber, when choosing lumber. Want to observe plank surface.  See whether smooth, have burr groove. Reach without glue phenomenon through. Board face has local hair yellow phenomenon to wait.


3. No glue opening


Whether there is no penetration phenomenon. In fact,can also reflect the side of the melamine board bonding performance and its process. If there is no such situation. it represents the bonding performance is also better.


commercial office furniture maintenance


Not only is the furniture. The cement plasticizer used in the decoration, the veneer. The paint and the paint contain the melamine. In general.  the surface of the melamine board is resistant to abrasion. Scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance. And is generally not required for special maintenance. It is necessary to note. That the melamine is not soaked in water for a long time in the melamine table top durability use. So on avoid the edge sealing and cracking. If a facing crack or breakage occurs, the following method can used to repair. First place a piece of wet cloth at the breaking point.  Then put a hot iron on the wet cloth, force the moisture to enter the facing. And make the facing become very flexible and not easy to break. In this way, the old melamine finish on wood glue can scraped clean. Then a layer of milky white glue coated on the base layer wood. A layer of new glue coated on the reverse side of the release veneer.


melamine furniture

commercial furniture manufacturers- yueshan


Yueshan is a professional commercial furniture manufacturer engaged in the production. And processing of melamine furniture board. Melamine ecological panel,melamine furniture polish board and other products. Since its establishment, yueshan has been adhering to the concept of quality development. And brand creation with integrity. We will strive to raise the level of scientific and technological production. In the new and old customers won a certain reputation.


At present,with the continuous development and expansion of the factory. Our customers have been all over the world. Marketing melamine veneer network all over the world. While focusing on the development of its own brand. The factory is improving its own melamine face frame technical level. and improving its marketing methods.

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