Melamine Faced Chipboard Panels Top Ten Suppliers .Which Is Better For Melamine Faced Chipboard Panels Brand?

- Mar 22, 2019-

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       Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) manufactured using premium papers and resins. and intended for high traffic areas where a hard wearing surface is essential.  engineered wood is both robust and hygienic and can used in the production of counter tops. doors, reception desks and many other interior and shop fitting applications. It comes in and almost endless array of colours. and decors, so whatever the project there will be a style  wood chip  to meet your needs.  chipboard sheets have  third parties.  moisture resistant  particleboard chipboard. and  flame retardant  quality chipboard. oriented strand board 

      Melamine Faced Chipboard is a  decorative panel standard board. and an essential material in the furniture. and interior design industries. Made from particleboard covered with a decorative  panel products impregnated with melamine resin. it’s the most widely used material for modern  melamine particleboard  office furniture. and is available in  wide range interior decoration  finishes. including  high gloss , matt, lightly textured and wood grain.

      Melamine faced chipboard panels, another  higher grades term called paint-free board. because the appearance of the texture is very beautiful. and at the same time special environmental protection. and anti-wear and other advantages, favored by the majority of users. In the home decoration, you can usually see it, but there are so many brands on the market. The following small series. will introduce the top ten suppliers of melamine faced chipboard panels. and the melamine faced chipboard panels brand.

melamine faced chipboard suppliers

 melamine chipboard features

-abrasion and scratch resistance

-mEasy to clean

-mMany other products available in the decor and texture combination

-mBoards can cut to size on order

-mEasy to process

- Extensive choice of surface textures

-mFSC® certified and Cost effective

-mMatching edging available

melamine-faced chipboard application 

      one of the melamine-faced chipboard application is Chipboard boxes. Chipboard boxes are a popular type of inexpensive. and environmentally friendly packaging for consumer products as well as items shipped. Chipboard, or paperboard. made from pieces of recycled paper, sawdust, wood pulp. or chips that have compressed using pressure and heat. and bonded with a resin or adhesive material.

        Chipboard boxes come in two basic colors: brown or white, but many companies add color, logos, text. and brands to box surfaces that will sold in stores. Shipping chipboard boxes are usually covered in a waterproof finish. to provide the product with protection from outdoor elements. Besides the shipping and mailing industry. chipboard boxes used in the food processing, paper, consumer product and tool industries.

        They are custom-made to hold different products like nuts and bolts. small machinery parts, soap, cereal, envelopes, computer paper. check refills and many other products found on retail shelves. Very thin chipboard used as an inner protective layer for shipping. while the thicker boards form the outer box component. They may be of single piece construction with flaps that close with tape. or they can consist of two different pieces: a five-sided box and removable lid. These are most often used to hold large quantities of blank computer paper.

         The manufacturing process for fabricating chipboard from used paper. and wood waste to a box ready for the shelves. or shipping takes many steps. The raw materials that compose chipboard include used paper shreds, sawdust. and wood chips that are leftover from the fabrication process of other wood products. The materials put through a chipper to become fine, uniform granules. 

         They are then dried until the moisture disappears from the raw wood product. Adhesive materials are then added into the mix. The pressing process is next. The wood material subjected to high temperatures and, under high amounts of pressure. pressed between two flat rams until the desired thickness has achieved. The heat melts the adhesive particles. which then creates a bond between the materials. 

         After cooling, several post-processing treatments are necessary. before the chipboard can formed into a box. The surface sanded until smooth and sometimes coated with a waterproof finish. Then, the large sheets  cut down into different sizes. Chipboard used as packaging for retail products need lamination of a decorative layer. of colored paper material. They are then ready for shipping. After they have shipped, the chipboard material folded and assembled into a box form.

melamine faced chipboard suppliers

melamine faced chipboard supplier  - yueshan

      yueshan is a well-known brand. Founded in 1993, through continuous efforts and reforms. the company has changed from a simple decorative panel to a influential. interior decoration material service provider. 

      Yueshan wide range of Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC). and MDF based panels provide a hard, pre-finished surface. easy to maintain and hard wearing. With a huge choice of finishes available, whatever the texture. effect or colour you need, we will have a product to suit.

     Yueshan offer the full range of Egger, Greenlam.  and Kronospan boards, and also stock Decogloss, Finsa and KoskiDecor melamine . and laminate board making Timbmet your ideal Melamine Laminate board supplier.

melamine faced particle board supplier-Qianshan 

   Founded in 1998, the company located in Linyi City.  china mainland. The company has a wide area and is now an industry leader in melamine plywood sheets and plywood. The company has a wide range of products, high-quality production and first-class quality.

 melamine chipboard manufacturers suppliers -  Millennium Boat 

   Millennium Boat, the company located in Zhejiang Province, china mainland . a well-known domestic trademark, and is also an environmentally friendly product. recognized by the domestic construction and decoration. It is a brand that users can trust.

melamine particle board - Fuqing 

 Established in the early 1990s.  wood industry company located in Jiangsu Province. The  trading company  has passed the international quality management system certification. and obtained the domestic environmental labeling product certification.

chipboard panels supplier -  Moganshan

 Founded in 1995, the company located in Zhejiang Province. Moganshan  material co,. Ltd.  has always been the core backbone enterprise under the sublimation group. After so many years of perseverance. it has become one of the most influential. low-carbon decoration companies in China. 

melamine faced chipboard

120_Palmin Kitchens_1

melamine panels  supplier - treasure 

   A wood-based panel company that specializes in marketing and marketing. There are many types of brand products. and they have passed the national environmental certification. For a long time, Bai's slogan is to promote a green and low-carbon home environment. which is the best choice for high-end furniture and home improvement.

    it  also provide melamine  faced mdf . melamine  faced plywood,  moisture resistant chipboard, 

melamine  faced particle supplier - Dawang coconut 

 Dawang Coconut  trading co,. Ltd. is one of the  world's leading companies in the wood industry. Dawang Coconut now has more than 600  cubic meter stores in China. providing home furnishing materials and accessories such as  kitchen cabinet, hardware. and  mdf board  flooring.  related products have  solid wood,  film faced baord,  plywood mdf.

MFC panels Supplier -  Penghong  

   Penghong praised by users for. its superb product  high  quality melamine panels and excellent market evaluation. and often receives honors. it has the size of  12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm 

MFC board supplier -  Tang chao  

    Tang chao import and export Founded in 1996, the company located in Guangzhou. the company has always focused on improving the user's living environment. creating the original ecological green home, the industry standard. has achieved very good results with  best price.

Chipboard  melamine panels supplier- Wanhua 

   Established at the end of 2006, the key projects are the research . and production of formaldehyde-free ecological straw boards, ecological adhesion agents.  and the production and development of straw boards. It is now a global  melaming mdf supplier of zero-formaldehyde straw boards. you can send you inquriy to their  inquiry basket. 

melamine faced chipboard FAQ 

Is chipboard the same as particle board?

      Particleboard (sometimes known as chipboard) is a multi-purpose material. and one of the most widely-used wood-based panels. Particleboard is an engineered wood-based product manufactured from wood chip particles. and a synthetic binding resin. We form the board in a press using heat and pressure.

      The main customers for particleboard are the furniture manufacturing and refurbishment sectors. Ideal for internal components. the product. can also coated with a decorative surface for applications such as kitchen. bathroom, bedroom. and office furniture and shelving.


What thickness does chipboard come in?

available in thicknesses of:

9mm, 12mm18mm

For plain chipboard prices press here

18mm Melamine faced chipboard sheets

2500mm(L)X1250mm(W) (8' X 4')

chipboard panels process

       Raw material in the form of either virgin wood. or reclaimed wood chipped, dried and graded into different sizes. Resin added to the chips and a mat formed, this would have fine chips on the surfaces with coarse chips in the centre.

       This mat will then be hot pressed either with what known as a multi-daylight. or daylight press which are batch presses or a continuous press. The heat involved and the time in the hot press will cure the resins. so that they bind the chips together forming a board with the desired properties. (e.g. strength, density etc...). 

      All the manufacturing processes are usually controlled by complex computer systems. that enable the operators to reproduce the same quality with consistency. and accuracy on a 24 hour basis. Once the boards conditioned and cut to size. they will tested to prove compliance with the relevant specification. and claims.

       In the UK all the particleboard mills. use their own process derived wood fuels to generate process heat. This means that as much as 55% of the heat need for production is currently. derived from renewable sources.

Is chipboard stronger than MDF?

     The two most commonly used boards are chipboard and MDF (or Supawood). But how do we know which one to use in which situations. and what is the build quality going to be using these different products.

     looking at the price of furniture pieces it is important to note that the higher the price. generally the more expensive the materials cost to manufacture the item. And or, the lower the price the cheaper the material cost.

     chipboard  is a man made material. which manufactured from pressing wood chips together. and binding them with a synthetic resin.

      Chipboard (particle board) does not like water. and if used in an area where it will either get wet or there is high humidity. the chances that it will warp and deform are great. Another major problem with particle board is the connection joints. Because particle board is a low density board, screws strip more .

         The other alternative is MDF also known as medium density fiberboard. which is more MDFexpensive than particle board. but it has many advantages over chipboard. MDF is still cheaper than the solid woods. and for this reason is popular in the manufacturing process. 

        With Medium density fiberboard it can beveled, chamfered and shaped into more complex. and interesting components. Medium density fiberboard is stronger than chipboard. because the board has a higher density. The connection joints. with Medium density fiberboard are more likely to hold then with chipboard. Medium density fiberboard also has a much smoother surface. than particle board which allows for a better finish.

      When it comes to the finish on both types of board, it is a good idea to use a wood sealant before painting. Wood by nature is an absorbent material. and for this reason large amount of paint need to applied to get an equal finish. The wood sealant helps in reducing the amount that absorbed.

        While Medium density fiberboard. has many advantages over particle board, the main factor is the price of an item. And this always determines what type of board we use for what application. Generally for retail spaces we will insists. that customers pay a bit more to receive an item that will last much longer. using Chipboard or MDF is always up how much the client is willing to spend.

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About Melamine Faced Chipboard Panels Top Ten Suppliers . Which Is Better For Melamine Faced Chipboard Panels Brand? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget.  For more inquiries, please surf on

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