Melamine Chipboard Advantage And Application

- Aug 07, 2019-

 What is melamine faced chipboard?


The chipboard melamine board is an melamine shelving made by cutting raw materials.  such as melamine sheet into pieces of certain size, drying, mixing with adhesive. hardening agent, water-proofing agent, and pressing at a certain temperature. Because the melamine shelving structure of the board is more uniform. and the processing performance is goodthe melamine chipboard with different specifications. and melamine board colors styles can manufactured according to the plate. which needs to processed into a corrugated surface. The manufactured black melamine board does not need to dried again, can used. and has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. But chipboard sheets also has its inherent disadvantages. because the melamine chipboard edge is rough and is easy to absorb moisture. so the edge sealing process of the furniture. made of the chipboard manufacturers is particularly important. Besides. because the volume of the melamine faced chipboard is large. the furniture made of the board is heavy on other boards.


particle board price

particle board furniture advantage


-chipboard furniture board has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. particle board insulation


-melamine particleboard internal cross and staggered structure of the granule. the performance of each direction is the same, transverse gravity


-melamine face particleboard surface of the particle board is smooth.  the texture is lifelike. the bulk density is uniform, the thickness error is small, the pollution resistance. the aging resistance, the beauty, can carry on all kinds of veneer


-In the production process of melamine particle board. the amount of glue used is small and the environmental protection coefficient.  is high. 4. Shortcomings of particle board


melamine chipboard cut to size particle board uses


-The color patterns of the chipboard laminate surface veneer.  of the melamine board are very rich. so the color of the melamine board is very bright. After hot pressing. it has a certain heat resistance, and its surface hardness is large. and its wear resistance is also very good.


-The surface of the cyanamine board is very smooth and smooth.  and it is very easy to clean when used as a decorative material. And its chemical resistance is stable. can resist the erosion of general acid and alkali substances and alcohol.


-chipboard laminated board used, now besides to solid wood furniture chipboard paper products. other types of high-grade chipboard white furniture will have melamine board.


-Environmental protection. Melamine board has a certain ability to resist decoration pollution. caused by formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resin. It is a very friendly plate product. so, in the industry, melamine board is also called ecological board.


melamine faced chipboard white application


particle board substrate


- industrial grade chipboard melamine faced. is suitable for veneer substrate, many veneer materials are available. Particle board uniform density, thickness tolerance is small. smooth surface is a good veneer substrate.


particle board kitchen cabinets


- we can use particleboard as the shelves, side boards. back boards, drawers, doors and other parts of the cabinets. Particleboard has advantages in performance and economy. The grades of kitchen cabinets are m-s, m-2, m-3.


chipboard countertop


- chipboard wood size is stable, flat, smooth, no joints or holes, high impact, easy veneer.  can used as counter core board. and meet ANST A 161.2 veneer counter performance standards.


Particleboard Flooring board


--4 X 8 foot particle board is easy to install and can used as floor board, (PBU) plus wool floor. such a floor is strong, strong, sound effect is good, impact resistant. Can be nails or groove ring installation, re-laying carpet. elastic brick or seamless floor bedding.


particle board ceiling


-housing planking MHD thickness between 5/8 inches and 13/16 inches, is square tongue board. made of specific length and width


chipboard flooring boards


-it is a kind of indoor chipboard floor boarding to use excellent material, won't craze. have all sorts of different length, material use rate is high waste reduce least. Particleboard foot board thickness is symmetrical, one side of the board rounded. installation time saving and convenient.


shelving boards


- this is a common use that provides builders with an cheap, flat, cut, porous, smooth surface. The application of industrial grade will be subject to specific requirements. Chipboard shelves are flat, or have square or rounded edges.


chipbaord door


-doors have grown and window frames. Particle board door cores do not warp like solid wood. Their heat insulation and sound tolerance help reduce heat loss

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