Melamine Board Vs Chipboard Which Is Better? What Is The Difference Between Melamine Board And Chipboard?

- Mar 26, 2019-

chipboard vs melamine

      chipboard is a kind of wood-based board name,melamine is a decorative material name. Melamine can pasted on the surface of chipboard,  density fibreboard and other boards. 

what is chipboard

       chipboard is also known as  wood composite board  glued together. It made of  cost effective compressed wood or other lignocellulosic materials. particle wood veneer is also called  strand board . used in furniture manufacturing. and construction industry and train, car compartment manufacturing,  kitchen cabinets ,  office furniture . have strong  holds screws 

What is melamine

      Melamine known as melamine resin impregnated paper veneer . the surface has a certain wear-resistant, heat resistant,  water damage , pollution resistant. easy to clean and other properties. used in office. and civil furniture, vehicle manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, interior decoration and other materials industry.

Affixed to the surface of particle board. the board can called melamine veneer chipboard. also referred to as melamine  oriented strand . Sticking on the surface of the fiberboard called melamine  mdf board . also referred to as melamine  board mdf. 

What is melamine chipboard

      Melamine Faced Chipboard is a standard melamine board. and an essential material in the furniture. and interior design industries. Made from particleboard covered with a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. it’s the most widely used material for modern furniture. and melamine chipboard is available in various finishes. including gloss, matt, lightly textured and wood grain.

chipboard melamine advantages

      The main advantage of melamine faced chipboard is that it does not need any finishing. Once you have constructed a unit and its ready to fit into position chipboard melamine requires no more treatment. Both timber and plywood units. would need further treatment with several coats of finish. including sanding between each coat. chipboard melamine can be very time consuming and varnish is not as stain resistant as melamine.

chipwood board application

      and resins and intended for high traffic areas where a hard wearing surface is essential. It is both robust and hygienic and can used in the production of counter tops, doors, reception desks. and many other interior and shop fitting applications. chipwood board comes in and almost endless array of colours. and decors, so whatever the project there will be a style to meet your needs.

    All our boards manufactured from FSC certified boards. This is your guarantee that the wood in the board derived from well managed forests.  


the most common use of. melamine faced chipboard is the construction of kitchen cabinets and frames. These can then used with a wide range of kitchen doors and accessories. At Mersey MDF, Plas and Ply. we stock a wide range of. replacement kitchen doors and accessories such as handles, hinges and edging tape.


Melamine faced chipboard is ideal for making shelves as it can cut to size and faced with a wide range of colours. It’s also possible to edge melamine faced chipboard with matching. or contrasting coloured edging tape so you can match almost any interior design.


You can also use melamine faced chipboard. to construct bespoke bedroom cabinets and wardrobes. It’s possible to create a unique fitted bedroom wardrobe for the fraction of the cost.

Melamine board vs chipboard which is better?

      Melamine board

In fact,  white melamine is the melamine board used in the past. The  melamine sheets  substrate used is multi-layer solid wood  wood products. or block board. which used in  black melamine  furniture, bathroom cabinets,  red oak  cabinets. and  white oak  wardrobes. Its  maple melamine  surface  hard resin  color and pattern are also more, the flatness is good,.  basic form  melamine  building materials  organic compound.   is not easy to  deformed, and it is convenient to clean.


chipboard  formaldehyde forms . In fact, it is  durable thermosetting particle board. The material used is some natural wood scrap. so  thermosetting plastic is more environmentally friendly. And  board products is a new type of high-grade material. which used in furniture and has a good decorative effect

   When people choose and buy decorative  panels sheets. they will care about the Melamine board vs chipboard. because these two are very common decoration boards. to help to understand the  cabinet grade distinction. and choice of the whitewashing decoration of the plate dizzy. today editor will introduce the Melamine board. and chipboard  melamine shelves through the comparison of details.

Melamine board vs chipboard which is better?

particle board vs chipboard

     particle board also refer to Chipboard. some times also called MFC, their name is different, but is the same

     It is a man made material which manufactured from pressing wood chips together. and binding them with a synthetic resin.

     Chipboard (particle board) does not like water. and if used in an area where it will either get wet or there is high humidity. the chances that it will warp and deform are great. Another major problem with particle board is the connection joints. Because particle board is a low density board, screws strip more.

What is the difference between Melamine board and chipboard?0_AL-DIYAR-MUHARRAQ-BAHRAIN-00001(1)

melamine board vs chipboard

melamine board Advantages:  

    melamine board cut to size. has high hardness, good wear resistance and heat resistance. and  melamine board size is quick and easy to install and can  applied.  home depot melamine surface is flat, not easy to deform. bright colors, affordable,  melemine board easy to maintain. and clean, resistant to general acids. alkalis, grease and alcohol.

melamine board disadvantages 

    18mm melamine has poor decorative properties, low processing performance. and  melamine shelves does not keep the essence of  melamine wood vs mdf natural wood.

melamine chipboard advantages and disadvantages

chipboard Advantages: 

    chipboard melamine has a high density. retains the essence of more natural wood, has a good decorative effect.  and  melamine vs chipboardless prone to deformation due to its small curvature. And  chipboard vs melamine has good processability. strong nail holding power and superior environmental protection performance.

chipboard disadvantages: 

    melamine board vs chipboard is more troublesome to clean and can't  processed . If you need to process it, you need many processing. Besides, its surface is not very flat, and the price is more expensive.

    In general Melamine board renovation is more convenient. and is usually used as a standardized product. chipboard has a good decorative effect, usually used as a substrate. and needs to used together with veneer or overlay paper.

Melamine board vs chipboard which is good ? 

  1.In fact, melamine chipboard is the preferred solid wood board for most furniture manufacturers. The reason why manufacturers choose it is because of the low cost. the interior of the particle board is cross-grain, and the flank oriented layered. The strength achieved is  high. but the disadvantage is that the flatness is not as good as the Melamine board. and it is difficult to make the arc shape and shape. It also contains a large amount of industrial glue. which makes the formaldehyde emission high.

 2. The core of the Melamine board has the Malacca core and the fir core. The fir core is a square machine. which is a real solid wood board, and the surface layer made of paint-free melamine dough. which is free of paint. The big advantage is that the environmental protection level is high. reaching the E0 level. because the use of environmentally friendly glue, the amount of glue  used less.

 3. The melamine chipboard is a piece of wood that has  cut by a flaker to form a certain size of debris. The particle board retains more of the natural structure of the wood, and its expansion rate in water is only 8% to 10%. Because the internal structure of the chipboard is granular. its holding force is much stronger than the medium density.

 4, the Melamine board is resistant to high temperatures. and its fire and moisture resistance is also very good. The Melamine panel breaks. through many problems that other plates can't overcome, such as high formaldehyde. easy bubbles. delamination, blasting, and more.

 5. Although the Melamine sheets can  used to make furniture. it is a new type of material, and the price is more expensive. It is more difficult for the average home user to bear such expenses. And the lack of relevant technical specifications.. because it is a new thing, in general. from the production of Melamine board to perfection is a process that requires a period of time. so it is more difficult to buy high-quality products.

 6, chipboard if the middle long wood fiber plus two sides of fine wood fiber pressed into the board. such specifications are 16 MM, 18MM, 19MM, and so on. Its expansion rate, fire resistance, deformation resistance, nail holding power. are better than MDF. The good imported particle board is in line with the European E1 high standard. and its formaldehyde content is only 1/3 of that made in China. Moreover, its molecular structure is tight, its bending strength is also very high. and its nail holding ability is very strong. The specification is 2.44*1.22,  known as 4.8 feet.

chipboard vs mdf

      MDF. and particleboard panels don’t have the irregularities of veneer-core plywood. such as voids on the inside and patches on the outside.

Stable. Composite wood doesn’t shrink and swell across the grain or warp to the same degree as solid wood.

     Particleboard is fine for utilitarian work, but MDF  preferred for furniture projects. MDF is smoother, takes better detail, holds screws better. and paints very well once its edges sealed. Whichever one you choose, use only carbide cutters. because the binders in the wood are very abrasive. Even carbide will wear more than normal. Here we’ll only cover the basics.  but a wealth of free technical information on different grades of composite wood. is available from The Composite Wood Council. 

      While Medium density fiberboard has many advantages over particle board. the main factor is the price of an item. And this always determines what type of board we use for what application. Generally for retail spaces we will insists that customers. pay a bit more to receive an item that will last much longer. using Chipboard or MDF is always up how much the client is willing to spend.

melamine vs particle board FQA

melamine particle board sizes

      melamine particle board main uses are for furniture. underlayment and as substrate for countertops. It can milled with all power tools and has moderate tear-out. Laminate and veneer finishes are the most common. melamine Particle board comes in 4-foot-by-8-foot panels. 1/2- to 1-inch-thick precut shelving boards come in various sizes.

      melamine  Particle Board dimensions are uniform across the board. something you’ll run into if you have a look at our Moisture Resistant or Particle Board Flooring sizes. Moisture Resistant Particle Board is available in 2400 x 1200mm, 3600 x 600mm. or 3600 x 900mm sheets, and can range in thickness from 16mm to 33m.

       We offer a complete range of white melamine particle board from 6mm to 32mm in thickness. and in an  assortment of finishes and substrates to fulfill

melamine particle board screws

      Particleboard, whether it has a melamine finish or not. doesn’t hold screws as well as solid lumber or plywood. Plus, it tends to split if you drive screws without drilling first. The key to fastening it with screws is to drill pilot holes for the screws and countersinks for the screw heads.

      Countersunk screws Particle board is a cheap. and lightweight alternative to oriented strand board. or plywood manufactured by mixing wood chips and sawdust with an adhesive resin.

      The 1-3/4 in. Coarse Steel Phillips Melamine Screws. and Caps (10-Pack) help strengthen connections in composite wood products. These steel screws come with plastic caps that conceal their heads from view. Use with composite wood products for a strong hold Case-hardened chrome-plated steel. construction for durability

melamine particle board - Yueshan

          melamine particle board Yueshan Compared to Bunnings, Lowes, Home depot. We can offer you more cost effective price. Pls feel free to contact us.

    About melamine.board vs chipboard which is better? What is the difference between Melamine board and chipboard? introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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