Mdf Made To Measure Furniture Application

- Aug 10, 2019-

 What is the size of MDF board?


Laminated mdf is with wood fiber as raw material. Apply urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive after breaking laminated mdf board. Fiber separated, dry. A kind of artificial board that makes after classics hot pressing again. The  Custom mdf cutting is usually in the range of 500-880 kg/m3 and the thickness is usually 5-30 mm.


The specification laminate panels cut to size by the normal machine is 1220*2440mm.  The mdf board thickness is 3mm, 5mm, 12,15,18mm. Custom melamine board is also called fiberboard. It is with wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material. Apply urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive to make artificial board. Differ by it's amount, cent is high density board, medium density board, low density board. Due to its soft impact resistance and easy reprocessing. The mdf board is a good material for making furniture abroad.


Mdf cutting according to national standard gb11718-89. Laminate panels cut to size apply formaldehyde urea resin. Or other applicable adhesive to make board with laminate mdf sheets in the range of 0.50~0.88,called Medium and high-density Fiberboard. The grip force of high-density board is worse than that of particleboard. If the screws loosen after tightening, it is difficult to fix the density board due to it's low strength. Furniture use mdf sheets price more. And in inferior  panel cutting and edging furniture, formaldehyde content is very tall. Very big also to the person's body harm. The plank after passing air buy can cut formaldehyde.


mdf made to measure

mdf made to measure wardrobe doors


Excellent performance, uniform material, no problem of dehydration. The performance of medium density board is close to that of natural wood, but there is no defect of natural wood. The internal structure is not easy to warp, crack, small deformation. Suitable for all kinds of mechanical processing. The surface is smooth, the material is fine, the edge is firm, easy to model, avoid the decay, the moth and so on. High bending strength and impact resistance. Density board can do carving and other shape modeling kitchen doors styles.


Although the density board of moisture resistance is poor. But the density board surface smooth smooth, material fine. Stable performance, edge firm, easy modeling, to avoid decay, moth. And other problems. flexural strength and impact strength. It is superior to particleboard. And the decorative surface of the board is excellent.  Better than the appearance of solid wood furniture.


mdf made to measure shelves


Density board because qualitative soft bear the brunt of. Also easy to reprocess in abroad it is a kind of good material that makes furniture. But because the country is about the standard of high density board is inferior. To international standard a few times.  So, the use quality that density board is in China still waits for to rise. And the biggest drawback of density board is not moistureproof, see water to swell.


So even though most of the shelves made of density board. Which is not as good as solid wood and high density, it is quite popular because of its low cost. But if want a bit better, the proposal chooses solid wood and the bookshelf that high density board makes.


mdf made to measure cupboards


Cupboard design has all the advantages of medium fiber board. it's surface is smooth. High  hardness, internal organization structure is also fine and uniform. In the modeling of the above, high density board can not seal the edge, direct daub, can replace the natural wood.


The waterproof of high density board chest is poorer. When we are undertaking maintenance. It is ok to wipe with dishcloth, when encountering damp weather.  We need to avoid chest as far as possible won't hit wet. Because the density board made of pressing and gluing, if there are children in our home. We need to try to avoid children jumping on these. This is to prevent the internal damage of the density board. High density board chest had better not put in the place that sunshine can insolate. Insolate  to make high density board dry crack degumming below sunshine,can make it ahead of schedule ageing.


mdf made to measure cupboards

Mdf bookcase made to measure


Density board bookcase advantages;


1. Pressure and impact resistance, not easy to deformation


2. Hard density board can punched, drilled. and made into sound absorption board. Which can applied in decoration engineering of buildings


3. The performance of medium density board is close to that of natural wood, but there is no defect of natural wood


custom size bookcase Disadvantages:


1. Heavy weight,as furniture workers know well. Density board furniture is very difficult to climb stairs


2. Resistant to moisture, even more resistant to moisture than particleboard


3. Poor grip force. If the screw loosens after tightening, it is not easy to fix it again.


Mdf drawers made to measure


Density board bed, is a composite board, this material is stable, not easy to deformation. Furniture upgrades. As long as the quality of environmental protection is not a problem. Or choose high-density board bed. Life if you care about it should be in more than 10 years, if the surface layer of paint quality is good. Not easy to fall off, the quality is not good to fall! The general problem is that the hanger of the interface is easy to loose, other does not matter.

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