Material Style Of Shelf

- Oct 14, 2018-

What is a melamine shelves?

malamine shelves is easy to method. and can processed into diverse styles and shapes on  white melamine surface. The floor of the density board is easy and easy, the material is best. the performance is stable,  melamine shelving  the brink is firm. and the ornamental surface of the board is good.

malamine shelves types

 melamine shelf  materials havemany, reflecting different styles.  white melamine Shelf based on logs is more common. besides, there are: glass, resin, metal, iron, ceramics and stone materials. And the  melamine shelving  specific choice of material shelf, how to use, depends on the home style. Generally speaking. the bathroom is suitable for  melamine shelves made of glass. ceramics and other materials. without worrying about wetted by water. The living room. and  white wood  kitchen can choose the appropriate material the decoration style. Such as pastoral style  black melamine. It can use  black melamine  wooden board with iron sculpture  white shelf  bracket. Scattered layout to create an atmosphere. Modern style can use bright paint. Brackets  wood shelves  are best hidden, appear both orderly and modern  custom closet.

malamine shelves

melamine shelf unit

Besides,  melamine shelf  different surface treatment methods. can also reflect the different effects of  white melamine  shelf. For example. there are three different surface treatments for shelves painted. covered with wood texture mixtures. you can choose paint color at will. clear  melamine shelving  can completely expose wood texture, reflecting the texture of wood. semi-open paint effect between mixed oil and clear oil can show special old effect. Painted shelves are also painted, the surface is very bright, texture is strong. but the shelves without paint are generally less sold in the market, owners can DIY at home.

melamine shelves cut to order Supplier

Yueshan is a expert production of  melamine shelf  panel. all styles of shiny, matte, wood embossed. matte and different furnishings paste panel ornamental panels. merchandise are up to the country wide environmental protection standards. With greater than twenty years of rich experience and pragmatic spirit. and the united states's many timber-based board manufacturing facility cooperation in the manufacturing. and distribution of fiber board, particleboard, moisture-proof board. multilayer plywood, large middle board, has set up an remarkable recognition. With the expertise of the market clients to the decoration has been going. through the internationalization. outstanding best is getting better and higher. The manufacturing unit  prepared. with many units of the largest advanced manufacturing lines of hot pressing melamine. and stickers, oil manufacturing strains. Excessive nice professional manufacturing. suitable for all varieties of excessive-grade fixtures and decorative panel.

What is melamine shelving made of?

Melamine impregnated adhesive paper is  used in the s  melamine shelf. in the form of low pressure short cycle. that is, under high temperature and pressure, press and paste dozens of seconds to make the plate. In recent years, impregnated rubber film paper . with wood grain of steel plate to produce synchronous pattern board. because of its good three-dimensional texture by people like. Melamine-impregnated paper. at low temperature for a long time will form a high-gloss sheet. which has developed and improved by many companies

 white melamine  Beautiful material appearance effect, improve the use value.  melamine shelving  Improve physical performance and expand the range of use.  melamine shelves  Increase the value of wood-based panels.  wood shelves  Simplify wood-based panel production process (avoid painting, painting and other processes). With the shortage of human wood resources. and the increasing demand for wood products. melamine-impregnated paper is bound to get better development in the 21st century.


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