Material Of Shelf

- Nov 11, 2018-

       The introduce of several shelves:

         There are many materials to make shelves, so there are different styles. Now most of the house decoration, bathroom is mostly made of glass, ceramics and other materials shelves, so as not to worry about being wet by water. The living room and kitchen choose shelves of different materials according to different decoration styles. In the use of shelf, the treatment of shelf surface is different, and the effect is also different. There are three different ways to paint the surface of shelf: mixing oil covering all the wood texture on the shelf surface, you can choose the color of the paint surface at will; varnish shelf can expose all the wood texture, thus showing the texture of wood; semi-open varnish effect between mixed oil and varnish can show special old effect. Painted shelves are also painted, the surface is very beautiful, texture is strong. Shelves that are not painted are difficult to buy on the market, and can be made at home if the owner needs them.

melamine board cabinet

        In the north of our country, shelf has another function. Generally, the house decoration time is long, many people will appear over the heating wall began to blacken. This is due to the dry weather in the north, with strong static electricity, so that more dust, the convective heat dissipation of the heater to drive the air circulation, in the role of air pressure and static electricity, the dust in the air will be absorbed on the wall, so that the wall will become black. So how can we get rid of the black on the wall? This problem has troubled many people. Here, we can arrange a shelf on the top of the radiator ahead of time, and plant some vine plants on the shelf. In the winter heating period, we can block the circulation of hot air, prevent the wall from becoming black, and decorate the room at the same time.

        Reasonable use of shelves can bring people a lot of convenience: a shelf placed on the wall of the room and lobby can place keys, door cards and other small items. It's very convenient; beside the TV, we can also put a fast shelf on which CD can be placed; besides the dining table, we can also put a shelf on the wall, which can put the condiments used for dinner on it.

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