Laminated Melamine Board Shelves And Real Wood Board Which Is Good?

- Apr 15, 2019-

The board product on the market is numerous, the use of a lot of board and adornment effect are more similar.

If we are not very good word, it is very difficult to distinguish, for example particieboard and real wood grain board. What are their characteristics? Today we will introduce through the following content, a look at particleboard and solid wood laminated melamine board shelves which is good!

laminated melamine board shelves and real wood board which is good?

Laminated Melamine Board Shelves Performance Characteristics

 1. Particleboard is a kind of wood-based board made by cutting all kinds of branches, small diameter wood, fast-growing wood, wood chips and other materials into fragments of certain specifications. After , it mixed with glue, hardener, water-proofing agent, etc. and pressed at a certain temperature.

  2. Particleboard has a good sound-absorbing and sound-insulating performance, the interior of the board is intersecting. And scattered structure of particles, so the performance of the board in all directions is the same, the transverse bearing force is better. The surface of laminated melamine board shelves is smooth and smooth, and the wood texture is lifelike. At the same time, particleboard can also carry out a variety of veneer decoration, production with very little glue, high environmental protection coefficient.

 3. Particle structure inside laminated melamine board shelves, not easy to mill type, plate shape is simple. It is easy to cause tooth burst when cutting the board. And it has strict requirements on technology and processing equipment, so it is not suitable for on-site production.

laminated melamine board

Laminated Melamine Board Shelves Performance Characteristics

 1. Solid wood laminated melamine board shelves, in fact, is based on the production technology of laminated melamine board shelves,which is an upgraded product of laminated melamine board shelves.The difference is the solid wood laminated melamine board shelves is through the special equipment to cut the solid wood particles into  regular length size, and then by drying, sizing and special equipment will be the table core layer plane crisscrossing directional paving, hot pressing molding. After the drying treatment, the expansion coefficient is small, the moisture-proof performance is better, and the particle implements the directional layer upon layer pavement, so its internal texture is even, stronger than the common particleboard nail holding force, bending pressure resistance.

    2. The probability of warping deformation of solid wood particle plate is very small, because the plate has good dimensional stability, high strength and good hardness. On the furniture market of Europe at present, the man-made board that people USES given priority to with real wood grain board, extensive use is in household space.

 3. The density of solid wood laminated melamine board shelves is high, and the wood fiber particles in the board are large, which can better retain the essence of natural wood. At the same time real wood laminated melamine board shelves serves as a kind of high-grade environmental protection base material, board gluing content won't be higher than 5% , the environmental protection performance that sees it is pretty good still. But the flatness of real wood grain board is not good, unfavorable make design of modelling of a few radian, exterior is more oneness.

 Article Summary: About laminated melamine board shelves and real wood board which is good? introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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