It Turns Out That The “E0 Level” Of The Mfc Sheets Has No Relevant Basis!

- Mar 26, 2019-

What Is e0 grade mdf?


        Mfc sheets is not unfamiliar to us. It is a new type of sheet that appears in the market of decoration materials in recent years. The essence of this is to apply a layer of impregnated film paper on the surface of the blockboard or plywood. “Ecological, friendly” brand,  can reach“E0”level.

 the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau.  Recently, conducted risk monitoring formaldehyde released . The results show that the so-called mfc sheets nominal E0 level has no relevant. Most of the ecological, friendly  does not meet the nominal requirements.

e0 grade mdf

EO grade environmental protection emission standards introduction

     National Mandatory Standard GB18580-2001:

"Indoor Decoration Materials and Releases of Formaldehyde in Wood-based Panels and Their Products"

stipulates that wood-based panels used indoors must meet the E1 formaldehyde emission

That is, the climate box method  used to detect 0.12mg. /m3, or 1.5mg/L by dryer method. There is no provision for the E0 level in this standard, and there is no relevant basis for the E0 level of the mfc sheets.


     In the 2004 national standard "Plywood"

(GB/T9846.1- 9846.8-2004), the limit level of E0 formaldehyde emission 0.5mg / L (dryer method) marked for the first time. This grade is the highest standard of formaldehyde emission limit in China's wood-based panels.


     To check the quality and safety of the mfc sheets products,

the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau,

through expert demonstration, used the dryer method to test  formaldehyde emission

A total of 50 batches of samples monitoring, involving some well-known brands. After testing, the formaldehyde emission of 43 batches of products was 0.5mg/L,

and the formaldehyde emission of 7 batches of products exceeded 0.5mg/L,

and even some It claimed that the formaldehyde emission of the E0 grade plate exceeds 1.5mg/L.



e0 grade particle board


Although the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau's test is only partial,

it illustrates a common phenomenon. Some businesses steal concepts  damages the interests of consumers.

Cabinets, wardrobes, custom furniture and other manufacturers want to seek long-term development

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     Article Summary: About It turns out that the E0 level of the mfc sheets has no relevant basis introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget,

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