Is It Better To Use A Plywood To Make A Wardrobe?

- Apr 02, 2019-

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When you choose a wooden board to make a wardrobe, the question you will face is: Is it better to use a plywood to make a wardrobe? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?Here I will give you a detailed introduction to you.

plywood furniture Raw Material 

Solid wood includes many types, such as machilus, eucalyptus, walnut, eucalyptus, cedar, dun, poplar,geese, pine, elm, birch, maple,cherry, walnut, eucalyptus, ash, Rubber wood, oak, mahogany, etc. In fact, the plywood formed by three or more layers of veneers or thin wood boards which are hot pressed by glue. Thus, the wardrobe made of plywoods called a multi-layer solid wood wardrobe.

Plywood bedroom wardrobe Environmental Protection 

The melamine plywood formed vertical and horizontal gluing of a veneer and high temperature and pressure pressing. It not only has the advantages of structural stability, deformation, but also saves the amount of adhesive. In the production process, it uses polymer glue, which sealed  high temperature and high pressure and PVC, thus reducing the formaldehyde content. Thus, the formaldehyde emission of the board reaches the environmental protection standard.

High gloss wardrobe laminate plywood bedroom Advantages

The plywood formed three or more layers of solid wood glue and hot pressing. Thus, multi-layer solid wood is harder and firmer than other wood boards. Besides, the multi-layer solid wood wardrobe has the advantage of being easy to manufacture. Besides, it has the advantage of being friendly and can regulate the temperature and humidity in the room.

 plywood wardrobe

modern plywood wooden furniture  Disadvantages 

Each coin has two sides.Thus, the shortcomings of solid wood plywood as a wardrobe are reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, it is difficult to process multi-layer solid wood panels. So its requirements for the process are very high. But, if an illegal merchant uses a low-quality glue, it may cause the board to separate and deform, which will reduce the service life.

all kinds of plywood

To summarize:After considering the advantages and disadvantages of plywood, the homeowner should take the decision according to his convenience and budget.I hope to help you,please feel free to click discover our entire product.