How To Select Qualitified Laminated Chipboard Sheet ?

- Apr 19, 2019-

(1) What Is Particleboard?

The Laminated Chipboard Sheet made up of three layers. The first layer is fine wood fiber, the second layer is wood long fiber. The third layer is the same material as the first layer. The strong pressing is our eyes. Particleboard material made by pulverizing

 various shoots into a granule and then bonding them by high pressure. Because the section is like a honeycomb, it called a particle board.

Melamine faced sheet

(2) Advantages And Disadvantages Of Particleboard:

Advantages: Good sound absorption and sound insulation performance,

 internal granularity with cross-missing structure, so the nail

 holding power is good, the lateral load-bearing capacity is good,

 and the cost is lower than the medium density board. The

 formaldehyde content is much lower for block board; the price is cheaper. E0/E1 environmental protection and has high waterproof,

 super-environmental protection, non-deformation, multi-layer gradual

 structure, and excellent quality such as excellent nail holding power.

Disadvantages: Because the method is easy to manufacture, the

 quality is very different, it is difficult to distinguish, the

 bending resistance and tensile strength are poor, and the density is loose and easy to loose.

(3) The First Step From The Production Of

 Particleboard - Select Materials, Take A Look

 At How Friendly Particle Board Select Raw Materials.

Scientific selection of materials to ensure the best, YUESHAN has

 always adhered to scientific selection. To produce the highest

 quality shavings, in the selection of tree species, it took a lot of thought and material weight ratio. Low-density pine used, which has low compressive strength and high compression ratio. When hot

 pressing, the direct contact surface of the shavings is large, and

 the prepared particleboard has higher strength.

Tree species matching: Due to the limitation of domestic forest

 resources, when the tree species mixed and used, adhere to the

 coniferous wood (pine), hardwood (mixed wood) > 3:7 ratio, similar

 tree species as raw materials for production, which makes the flying

 forest particleboard deformed. small. The pH value of the tree

 species: the particle board uses a tree species (pine) with a pH of

 about 4, which is beneficial to the curing of the glue and convenient forming hot pressing. After comprehensive consideration of

 many factors affecting quality, Yueshan wood-based panel adopts the 

best solution, and the selected high-quality softwood (pine) and soft

 hardwood (wood) matched to ensure the best quality of particleboard.

The process of crafting high quality particleboard:

The shape of shavings has a great influence on the strength of the board. In the production of shavings, Yueshan has strict requirements: high-quality shavings with smooth surface, uniform size and complete fibers have high flexural strength and the strength of the boards is the highest.

The environmentally-friendly particleboard produced by the flat pressing method has a size of 10~30mm, a width of 2~6mm and a thickness of 0.20~0.4mm. It is the most ideal shaving shape for the board, and the quality of the produced particle board is the best. Good raw materials are just the starting point for quality. During the production process, Yueshan actively exerts the advanced level of equipment and implements scientific management to produce high-quality particleboard.

Melamine faced particle board use in bedroom

(4) Tips:

When consumers buy particleboard to make materials. Recommendation: Buy imported products. Because the imported materials meet the e1 grade products and meet the national environmental protection standards, the formaldehyde emission of the materials of this material is very small. Moreover, the strength against external forces will be higher.

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