How To Maintain The Melamine Bookshelf To Make It Last Longer?

- Mar 26, 2019-

melamine bookshelf

      Melamine is a tough, plastic-like building material.  melamine bookshelves made up of dense particleboard. with a slick, durable coating on both sides like laminate. that's used on countertops. Melamine used to build  melamine shelving , as a shelving unit. or about anything you would build with plywood. wood shelf  needs no finishing.  shelving products has a clean, sterile look to it. and can wiped down with typical cleaning products. wood shelves often used in medical offices for this reason alone. It makes a great bookcase

      When assembled on  hanging shelf , books add ambiance, charm . and character to any home, business  office furniture , den. or recreation room  wall space . It's one thing to stack books on a single shelf, but if you stack a few of them together. you can continue adding books to the shelves  wall mounted  to create a small library. Plywood is always a good choice for bookshelves. but if you build them with melamine, you have a pre-finished unit that's clean, neat and ready to rock. The commonly used shelf color is  white melamine shelf. also called  white shelf 

melamine shelf sizes

      Bookshelf width can vary, but the most common width is between 11 and 12 inches. That's wide enough for almost any book to rest . If you're using a 3/4-by- 48-by-96 inch sheet of melamine to produce the bookshelves. it's wise to cut individual strips of the melamine at about 11 1/2 inches in width. This will produce four bookshelves from a single sheet. when ripped lengthwise with a table saw. The  melamine shelf sizes  sides, top and bottom will also be 11 1/2 inches. Cut the shelves, top, and bottom to length on any miter saw. Cutting all the pieces at the same time ensures uniformity.

   In recent years, environmental pollution has become serious. In this situation that has affected the public's life. the concept of environmental protection has become more and more respected. At the time of renovation. many people will follow the principle of environmental protection. Due to its own beauty and eco-environmental benefits. the custom size shelf board has loved by people and used in furniture. Furniture should maintained and maintained from time to time. Today I want to introduce to you the maintenance method of the melamine bookshelf, and learn it .

melamine shelf

 What is melamine shelving made of? 


      How is melamine shelving made of ? first. Install a 3/4-inch dado blade on a table saw. Set the blade height at 3/8 inch. Set the fence 12 inches from the blade.

      Place the miter gauge on the table saw. Place one of the 3/4-by-12-by-60-inch pieces of melamine on the table saw, with one end flush with the fence. The fence on the miter gauge should be tight against the side of the melamine. Place a sawhorse on the left side of the table saw, perpendicular to the length of the melamine. shimmed up to the height of the table, to support the overhanging edge of the melamine. as you push it forward with the miter gauge.


      Turn on the saw. Push the melamine across the blade to cut a 3/8-by-3/4-inch channel. called a "dado" perpendicular to the length of the melamine. Spin the melamine 180 degrees and repeat cutting the dado on the same face of the other end. Reset the fence and cut two more dadoes on the same face, spaced between the other two. Do both pieces of the melamine the same way.

       Stand the two pieces of melamine on their edges, with the channels facing each other. Apply glue to all four dadoes on both sides. Place the four, 3/4-by-12-by-48-inch pieces of melamine between the two side pieces. Insert the ends of the 48-inch pieces into the dadoes on both sides. Tap the sides with a mallet to flush the six pieces together. Shoot four, 1-1/4 inch pin nails. spaced, through the sides to penetrate into the ends of all four pieces on both sides.

      Slide the fence over to within 1/32 inch of touching the blade. Place one of the 3/4-by-12-by-48-3/4 inch pieces of melamine behind the blade, with one end tight against the fence. Push the melamine across the blade to cut a 3/8-inch-deep, 3/4-inch-wide rabbet or shelf across the end. Spin it 180 degrees and repeat. Do both of the 48-3/4 inch pieces.

       Apply glue to all four of the rabbeted edges. Place one of the rabbeted 3/4-by-12-by-48-3/4 inch pieces on the top. and bottom, fitting the rabbeted edges on the side pieces at the top and bottom. Shoot four pin nails. spaced, down through the rabbeted edges of the top and bottom pieces. to penetrate into the ends of the side pieces. Fill all the nail holes with a matching-color putty crayon.

      Place the 1/4-by-48 1/2-by-60-3/4 inch piece of melamine on the bookcase. Flush it on all four sides. Staple the 1/4-inch melamine to the back of the bookcase using 3/4-inch staples, spaced 4 inches apart.

       Turn the bookcase facing up. Sand the edges of the melamine smooth using an orbital sander with 100-grit sandpaper. Paint the edges with enamel paint to match the existing color.

melamine bookshelf

 melamine  book shelfving maintenance  

       Due to its good waterproof and moisture-proof properties. the melamine sheets has better water and mildew resistance than other wooden bookshelf. but it should also pay attention to the dryness of the bookshelf storage room in daily life. avoiding contact with some acid-base liquids. To prevent the bookshelf from corrupted. Putting some dehumidifying rods. or desiccants in the bookshelf can prevent the bookshelf. from beng deformed by moisture. and mold.

   Of the load-bearing aspect of the melamine shelf board. we need to pay attention to the weight of books stored in the bookshelf. and the need to handle it during the placement and movement of the bookshelf itself. When placing the bookshelf, lower it and keep the bookshelf balanced. Keep a certain distance from the wall to prevent damage to the surface of the bookshelf. When placing a book in a melamine bookshelf.  a book that is bulky. or too heavy should placed on the lower layer of the melamine bookshelf. as much as possible to prevent the book from being overweight. and crushing the bookshelf partition. The books with large or large size placed on the lower layer. Easy to take.

      In daily life, it is necessary to clean the surface of the bookshelf. the interior, etc., in the cleaning is to avoid the use of detergent,

      to keep the surface of the bookshelf clean and tidy besides to daily cleaning. we also need to pay attention to keep the bookshelf during use. Author's suggestion is to use professional wooden furniture cleaners. to remove contaminants, soot, excess wax. and other stains on the surface of the bookshelf.

      For wood furniture, our common maintenance method is waxing maintenance. For custom melamine shelves, waxing maintenance is also effective. In the waxing maintenance, you need to use professional furniture glazing wax. can not use inferior wax.  it will damage the coating of the furniture, block the pores of the wood, and hinder the free "breathing" of the wood. Keep the surface of the bookshelf clean before waxing. After cleaning the bookshelf, wax it and wait for it to dry before putting books, decorations, etc.

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