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- Mar 28, 2019-

   Every year, many families choose panel-style custom melamine furniture, and melamine wardrobe are a big part. Many friends have told that there are too many products and dazzling, I don't know how to choose. Now it is the golden season of decoration, as a eager and enthusiastic young boy, these problems must of course be answered!

How to choose the right melamine wardrobe

 1. First of all, determine the type of melamine wardrobe 

       To choose the wardrobe is often divided into three types: sliding door wardrobe, swing door wardrobe, open wardrobe. Determine the type of wardrobe you choose based on your needs.


    Sliding door wardrobes, also known as sliding door wardrobes or "one" shaped overall wardrobes, can be embedded into the wall directly into the roof to become part of the home improvement. Such wardrobes tend to use space more efficiently, and are suitable for small-sized or just-needed room types.

 melamine wardrobe doors; Sliding door wardrobe is a traditional opening method of the door hinge and the door hinge of the pipe hinge. This type of wardrobe tends to take up more space, but it is more suitable for people's traditional living habits.

 The open wardrobe is simply a melamine wardrobe without a door. This kind of closet has a strong storage function and is convenient, but it has a high requirement for the tidyness of the home. Pay attention to the dustproof of the clothes.

 Semi-open wardrobe: This wardrobe often combines the advantages of an open wardrobe and an open-door wardrobe to enhance the storage function and to protect some of the off-season clothes from dust.

 2, determine the required functional parts

 When choosing a wardrobe, you should also consider its functionality. If you have more accessories, you need to have multiple treasures. If you want your pants to not wrinkle, you need to have a pants rack in the closet. When deciding to choose a wardrobe, you should be clear. Use your own habits, and use this as a basis to choose the appropriate functional parts in the closet.

 3, pay attention to the material of the wardrobe

 Be sure to pay attention to the material of the melamine wardrobe to prevent the purchase of inferior plates that pose a potential threat to human health. Therefore, to buy a custom-made wardrobe, the first thing to look at is whether the store has a plate inspection report and relevant inspection certificate from the national authority inspection department. Fuqing E0 level melamine board, can withstand the time considerations.

 4, the edge of the board should be elegant

 If the wardrobe is not tightly sealed, it is easy for the plate to absorb the moisture in the air, causing the plate to swell, causing the melamine wardrobe to deform and affect the service life, so the wardrobe edge should be tight.

the wardrobe should match the whole

 5, the wardrobe backboard should be stable

 The back panel of the wardrobe determines the overall stability of the wardrobe. Xiaofu reminds you that the good back panel structure can make the wardrobe not easy to get wet, moldy and deformed. Make the wardrobe more durable and load-bearing.

 6, hardware accessories can not be ignored

 Although hardware accessories are often inconspicuous, the quality of Fuqing Eco-board hardware accessories determines the smoothness of customers using wardrobes. Some good brand hardware accessories can make wardrobes more comfortable and durable.

 7, look at the manufacturers anti-counterfeiting signs and services

 Professional manufacturers have obvious anti-counterfeit labels on the edge of the wardrobe, pulleys, and even the veneer and packaging bar code. The quality and maintenance are guaranteed, and consumers can use it with confidence. YUESHAN's wardrobe panels will have an obvious logo on the top to distinguish them from other brands.

 8, the wardrobe should match the whole

 The selection of the wardrobe should also pay attention to the coordination of the overall home space. It is recommended that the wardrobe be unified with other fixed panels, color coordination and style matching. The high overall furniture can make the overall living room environment more open and achieve the unity of style.

 9, wardrobe brand selection is also very important

 When you choose a custom-made melamine wardrobe, you should choose some well-known brands, choose the best plates and hardware accessories, so as to ensure the quality and after-sales service of the wardrobe, so that you can use the wardrobe more comfortable and more assured.

 Article Summary: About How to choose the right melamine wardrobe -Experience sharing from YUESHAN introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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