How To Choose Plywood

- Jan 22, 2019-

Selection Of Plywood:

In the production of plywood, many varieties of patterns have  derived. One of the most important is to paste a thin layer of

 decorative veneer veneer on the surface of the original plywood,

 which called decorative veneer plywood. In the market, it is

 referred to as decorative veneer or decorative veneer.

It is noteworthy that common veneer panels divided into natural

 veneer panels and artificial veneer panels. Natural wood veneer is

 thin veneer made of precious natural wood by planing or rotary cutting. Artificial veneer is a decorative veneer with beautiful

 patterns, which made of veneer by rotary cutting of low-cost logs,

 pressed into wooden square by a certain process glue, and then planed and cut.

1- 18mm mdf cut to size machine

Usually natural wood veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer is

 often well-decorated, high-value tree species, such as cypress, oak,

 rosewood, Fraxinus mandshurica and so on. But it should stated in

 the name of the commodity, such as "cypress veneer plywood", or

 "Fraxinus mandshurica slice plywood" or "cherry wood veneer". The

 basic characteristics of "decorative board" reflected in the

 terms of "veneer", "slice" and "decorative board". But we can't use

 cypress triplywood and Manchurian ash triplywood for short, because

 the panels and boards of fan-finger plywood made of cypress or Manchurian ash. Another problem is the increasing number of furniture produced by decorative panels. Although these furniture have the

 appearance of "cypress" and other wood grain, the wood of

 furniture made of other wood, and now stores label these furniture "cypress".

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