How To Choose A Good Plywood?

- Apr 02, 2019-

We all know that the plywood has both sides. So here I will tell you how to buy a good plywood.

plywood use in kitchen

How to select?

First of all, when selecting, we should pay attention to the front light, cleanliness, smoothness, texture consistency, and uniform color distribution. The quality of the glue is judged whether there is degumming or no internal space.

Secondly, you can gently tap the parts by using a stick of about 50 cm. If the sound is even and crisp, this is the finest plywood. If the dull sound of the "shell" is issued, then there is a problem caused by degumming and emptying. The thickness of the core sheets of each layer of the plywood needs to be uniform and the thickness is up to standard.      

Finally, the plywood does not allow for defects such as breakage, insect troughs, nail holes, dead knots, and burr grooves.

colourful plywood

How to judge its quality?

1, By looking at the appearance

In addition to the appearance of some materials, the quality of some materials can also be weighed. Among them, the heavy weight indicates that the material is tight, and most of the internal quality can only be sawed before being carefully observed.

2, By smelling

It is also possible to verify the pros and cons of the plywood by smelling.Do not smell the surface, it should be glued through the side of the plywood. If there is a strong pungent odor, the formaldehyde content of the board is high. It can be seen that this plywood must not be environmentally friendly, so it is not worth buying.

3, by looking at the certificate

When melamine plywood is produced, the manufacturer shall have a product quality certification from the manufacturer's quality inspection department. At the same time, pay attention to the type, specification, grade, bonding strength and moisture content of the plywood.

 To summarize:From the above introduction, I hope to help you,please feel free to check discover our entire product.