How Much Is The Price Of Solid Melamine Board Commonly ?How About Solid Melamine Board For Furniture?

- Apr 08, 2019-

 In the process of bedroom decoration, we always need a variety of

 appliances, whether it is the buy of ready-made or customized

 furniture, we need to check the materials, so that we can

 buy environmental protection board, not only can reduce indoor

 pollution, but also let people live more at ease, for solid melamine

 board, I believe everyone has heard that the price of solid melamine board is not expensive. How expensive is it? Let's go and have a look with Editor.

How much is the price of solid melamine board commonly ?


How Much Is The Price Of Solid Melamine Board ?

 The price of this kind of product is about 200 yuan per square meter. Its surface not only has wear-resistant paint, but also has beautiful lines. As a new environmental protection wood-plastic

 composite product, xylenol produced in the process of production and

 high density fiberboard added recycled plastics to make wood-plastic

 composite material through granulation equipment, and then the wood-plastic floor made by extrusion production group.

 How about solid melamine board for furniture?

 1. Long service life


    Compared with the common products of the same kind, it has more advantages in service life, whether from waterproof or moisture-proof, it will be better, especially in humid environment, the advantages of melamine laminate is very obvious; as far as service life is concerned, the shortcomings of melamine plywood are not obvious, and it should be considered relatively advanced in the board.

 2. Strong plasticity

 Few people doubt the plasticity of this kind of products. Generally speaking, this kind of products are produced by secondary processing with discarded wood, while broken wood can be produced according to market demand, which makes the melamine laminate sheet not only highlight personalized characteristics, but also reflect personal style.

How about solid melamine board for furniture?

 How to Distinguish solid melamine board from Wood Board

 1. Because it is wood, the appearance of the grain and wood is the same, with good texture, but compared with other different types of products, solid melamine board produced different wood grain effects, so according to the appearance of the product color to carry out the basic means of discrimination.


    2. Different products have different weights and different densities and qualities. Therefore, when inspecting, it is suggested that further testing be carried out, such as looking at the cross-section to see if they have a feel. If they are not matched with wood products, the rough degree is higher, then it is recommended not to buy them.

 3. When purchasing, it is suggested that the relevant merchants be required to produce some necessary test reports so as to ensure the quality. Of course, they should also purchase according to the requirements of consumers themselves, not necessarily the products you choose. In fact, it would be better and more practical to choose the goods according to their own needs and abilities in the process of choosing them.

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