How Is The Melamine Faced Plywood?

- Mar 26, 2019-


The melamine faced plywood is a synthetic sheet that is expensive and good in quality. The melamine faced plywood made by bonding many layers of veneers. Different melamine faced plywood made of different adhesives. The melamine faced

 plywood has the advantages of wear resistance, paint-free, zero carbonization and heat resistance. There are two different melamine plywood sheets on the market today. A good melamine 

faced plywood is an environmentally friendly paint-free melamine 

faced plywood based on block board. Then, the next small series 

introduces how the melamine faced plywood and the melamine 

faced plywood identify the quality.

How is the melamine faced plywood?


    How about melamine faced plywood?

 The surface of the melamine faced plywood is formed by hot pressing of melamine paper, so the lacquering is eliminated when making furniture. A protective film is naturally formed on the surface of the sheet, thereby greatly reducing the damage that the sheet receives due to external factors. Therefore, the laminated mdf is more resistant to abrasion, scalding, staining and scratching than other sheet types.

 Compared with traditional plates, the melamine faced plywood is resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, moisture, abrasion, fire, beautiful surface, not easy to peel, fade, healthy and environmentally friendly. In addition, the melamine faced mdf is simple to process, strong in texture, and also for consumers. Saving labor costs and renovation costs have made the melamine faced plywood a leader in the sheet industry.

 The melamine faced plywood was originally used to make computer tables and various office furniture. With the increasing popularity, the melamine board has become the preferred manufacturing material for furniture manufacturers. The mainstream panel furniture in the market is almost all made with ecological bars. In addition to furniture manufacturing, melamine faced plywood are also widely used in home decoration.

How does the melamine faced plywood identify the quality?

 How does the melamine faced plywood identify the quality?

 1. The standard melamine faced plywood material is made of solid wood. The joint of the middle wood is very tight, the cut surface is smooth and flat, and the internal material of the fake and dirty melamine faced plywood material is very rough, the gap is in the middle, it is easy to warp and deform, if the board The use of unqualified glue will bring formaldehyde harm.


    2, the weight of the product, the weight of different products is not the same, the density is not the same, the quality is not the same. But it is not that the quality of the weight must be good, and it needs to be combined with the actual ones.

 3, the appearance of color, product color is the basic means of resolution, because after all is wood, its texture appearance must be like wood, but different types of products, the resulting wood grain effect is not the same!

 4, cross-section, cross-section should have a wooden feel, wood without wood feel may not match, but the roughness is based on the quality of the machine blade, sharp blade cut out The product is very smooth, and the product cut out by the unsharp blade will not work.

 5. Edge sealing. Many furniture factory machines are edge-sealed. If the knot is unsightly and has a flattening phenomenon, the melamine faced plywood itself has problems. Although Malacca is soft, it does not appear to be flattened. When choosing furniture, pay attention to whether the edge is flat.

 6. There is no taste during the processing. If there is no pungent smell, fake melamine faced plywood. Because his material is made in Malacca, it has a taste. But this taste is self-contained by the tree itself and is said to be harmless. Some melamine faced plywood are filled with paulownia, eucalyptus and other materials in the middle, pay attention to distinguish.

How to buy melamine faced plywood

 How to buy melamine faced plywood

 1, hope 

    Look at whether the surface of the surface plate is bright and flat. There are no problems such as blistering, dent, deformation, enthalpy and carbonization on the surface of the melamine faced plywood. The edge of the board is tightly treated without large gaps. In addition, the quality of the good plates, after leaving the factory, the surface is affixed with anti-counterfeiting trademarks, the board side has a coded mark and inspection and stamp.

 2, smell 

    The smell of the melamine faced plywood, the good melamine faced plywood has only a slight taste of the wood, can be distributed to the heart; and the poor board will smell the pungent smell, it is because the formaldehyde emission exceeded the standard.

 3, ask 

    Ask the merchant's melamine faced plywood for formaldehyde release levels and ask for an inspection report. The melamine faced plywood environmental protection grade is the European environmental protection standard. There are three grades. From high to low, the grades are E0, E1 and E2. The corresponding formaldehyde limit grades are divided into three levels: E2, E1 and E0. E2≤5mg/L, the release amount of formaldehyde in E2 grade is less than or equal to 5mg per kilogram of plate; E1≤1.5mg/L, the release amount of formaldehyde in E1 grade is less than or equal to 1.5mg;E0≤0.5mg/L, E0 The level of formaldehyde released is 0.5 mg or less. It can be seen that the melamine faced plywood is environmentally friendly, and the E0 level is the most environmentally friendly. To buy a good melamine faced plywood, its environmental protection level must meet the E0, E1 level.

 4, cut

  Hand touch the surface of the board, whether it is smooth and textured, no unevenness; press the board to test the density of the board, the density of the good melamine faced plywood has strict standards, even if pressed, it will not bend easily.

  Article Summary: About How is the melamine faced plywood? How does the melamine faced plywood identify the quality? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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