Grading Of Decorative Veneer Veneer Plywood

- Jan 18, 2019-

       The standard of decorative veneer plywood in our country stipulates. that decorative veneer plywood can divided into three grades:

first-class, first-class and qualified products. This reminds manufacturers and consumers. that other grading forms do not meet the standards of veneer veneer veneer in China.

for example, some manufacturers'labeling level is "AAA", which is an enterprise behavior.

2- 18mm mdf cut to size application


The Performance Requirements Of Decorative Veneer Plywood In The National Standard:


The current recommendation standard in China is GB/T 15104-94 "Decorative veneer plywood". which implemented by most enterprises. This standard stipulates the indexes of decorative veneer veneer plywood in three aspects:

appearance quality, processing accuracy and physical and mechanical properties. Its physical and mechanical properties include:

moisture content, surface bonding strength, impregnation and peeling.

GB 18580-2001 "Formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels. and their products for interior decoration materials also stipulates the formaldehyde emission limits of this product.



The Moisture Content Of Veneer Veneer Plywood Is 6%-14% According To The National Standard.


Surface bonding strength reflects the bonding strength between decorative veneer layer. and plywood base material. The national standard stipulates that the index should be more than 50 MPa. and the number of specimens up to the standard should be more than 80%. If this index is not up to standard. it indicates that the bonding quality of decorative veneer and base plywood is poor. which may cause the decorative veneer layer to open and bulge up in use.


Impregnation. and peeling reflect the bonding properties of each plywood layer of decorative veneer . The unqualified index indicates that the bonding quality of the sheet is poor. which may lead to glue opening in use.


Formaldehyde Emission Limit.

This index is a compulsory national standard implemented on January 1, 2002 in our country. It is the "Permit of Birth" of related products. and products that fail to meet this standard are not allowed to produce from January 1, 2002. It is also the "Market Access Certificate" of related products, and products. that fail to meet this standard are not allowed to enter the market circulation field from July 1, 2002. The excessive formaldehyde limit will affect the health of consumers. The standard stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of veneer veneer plywood for decoration should be as follows:

E1 grade < 1.5mg/L, E2 grade < 5.0mg/L.

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