Function Of Shelf

- Nov 04, 2018-

        What is shelf?

      Shelf is the most original and most common use is to place decoration, play the role of display. In the living room, bedroom walls, shelves can be used as display space, the collection of gadgets, family photos, plant pots, decorative paintings, and even their own proud handicrafts on top, very decorative effect. In addition, there will inevitably be some small, empty and unfortunate corner areas in the home. If a few shelves are installed in these places to collect daily necessities or put decorations, they can play a very good decorative effect. If the shelf is bright in color and striking in style, it is also a very decorative landscape.

       Shelf as a display function, the shape can have many, such as irregular three rows of shelves, a few characters or several rows of parallel formats, according to the decoration style and owner's preferences to choose the shape.

      Shelf has many functions, but it can not be abused. Designer reminds us, first, when using shelf, we must make shelf conform to the overall collocation style; secondly, we should also consider the division of shelf to the whole wall, which should conform to the overall proportion of the space and the wall, so as to make it coordinated and natural; most importantly, we should make the shelf selected to achieve the expected use function, such as shelving dishes, books and other heavy items, we need to consider. Consideration of major shelves, such as iron material.

         The shelf installation is usually near the end of the project. If the self-weight of the shelf is too large or the items placed in the later stage are too heavy, the embedded parts need to be made in the construction process to increase the load-bearing capacity. If there is no such special case, the shelf should also be installed on the load-bearing wall. If the new non-load-bearing wall of light-weight brick can also be installed directly, if the new light-weight wall of light-weight steel keel, it needs lining support to install shelf again, but if it is tubular wall in the old house, it is not recommended to install shelf.

          Ming and Qing Furniture Component Name. The cabinet is separated by movable boards of upper and lower spaces.

         A board placed in a cabinet or on a fixed wall for placing objects.

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