From The Raw Material Control, How To Choose Fine Laminated Particle Board Sheets!

- Apr 15, 2019-


 E0/E1 environmental protection moisture-proof chipboard has high moisture-proof, super environmental protection, not easy to be deformed, multi-layer gradual structure, with excellent nail holding force and other excellent quality, today, the small workshop from the first step of melamine particle board production -- material selection, take you to see how to choose the material carefully, adhere to the quality of environmentally friendly laminated chipboard

 how to choose fine laminated particle board sheets


Scientific Selection Ensures Optimization

 Always adhere to scientific selection. To produce the highest quality wood shavings, in the selection of tree species, quite spent a thought: material strong weight ratio: the use of low-density pine, its compressive strength is low, the wood compression rate, hot pressing, shavings direct contact surface is large, the system of shavings board strength is higher.

 Pine Stacked In The Yard

 Tree species collocation: due to the limitation of domestic forest resources, when the tree species mixed and used, coniferous wood (pine) adhered to: broad-leaved wood (miscellaneous wood)> 3:7 ratio, and the tree species with similar species used as the production raw materials, so that the 

laminated particle board sheets of flying forest is less deformed. PH value of tree species: the environmentally friendly particleboard is selected with a pH of about 4 tree species (pine), which is conducive to the curing of glue and convenient for forming hot pressing. After comprehensive consideration of many factorsaffectingthequality, the wood-based panel adopts the  optimalscheme, which selects high-quality coniferous wood (pine) and soft broad-leaved wood (miscellaneous wood) to match each other, so on ensure the best quality of particleboard.

 laminated chipboard

 Environmentally friendly laminated particle board sheets profile carefully made

 The shape of wood shavings has a great influence on the strength of wood shavings. There are strict requirements for the production of wood shavings: the quality wood shavings with smooth surface, uniform size and complete fiber have high bending strength, and the board made of them has the greatest strength.

 It is the most ideal shape of laminated particle board sheets and the best quality of laminated particle board sheets.

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