Four Famous Brands Of Large Melamine Sheets .Which Large Melamine Sheets Product Is Trustworthy ?

- Mar 28, 2019-

 With the promotion of green home improvement, many businesses are targeting this business opportunity, which has launched an large melamine sheets that has been well received in the market. Nowadays, melamine plywood merchants are emerging one after another, and the quality is uneven. The well-known brands of large melamine sheets have passed the rigorous test of the market and become the first choice of many consumers. What are the famous brands of large melamine sheets? Let's take a look today!

Four Famous Brands Of Large Melamine Sheets

 large melamine sheets famous brand - YUESHAN

 At the beginning of the establishment of YUESHAN, it has always adhered to the concept of green production. Its business involves diversification, bringing strong material power to the development of the brand and achieving impressive results in many industries. At present, the brand sales scope has spread over hundreds of offline experience stores in China, bringing three series and many varieties of decorative materials to consumers. In order to bring better products to users, the brand has established a number of wood supply areas in domestic and foreign regions, which guarantees the high quality of the plates from raw materials and has a high market share.

 large melamine sheets famous brand -YISHANG

 YISHANG belongs to the sublimation brand. With strong group strength, it has brought great power to the brand development. At present, the brand has formed a large production scale and has a considerable influence in the industry. The cultivation of tree species is carried out autonomously, and the raw materials are strictly screened, which is in line with green environmental protection. Through continuous efforts and development, it is currently forming ten series of plate products, and also involves the production of finished furniture products to meet the needs of more consumers. In addition, the brand also launched a chain system, allowing consumers in more provinces and cities to directly understand the products, and exported to many countries and regions overseas, has a very good market response.

 melamine panels famous brand - Millennium Boat

 Since the establishment of the Millennium Boat, it has been almost 20 years old. With the superior geographical position of the headquarters, it has brought opportunities for brand development. Established sales centers in many major cities in China, so that product sales continue to increase, and the market response is also very good. In order to ensure the high quality of the plates, the brand has established a timber supply center in many overseas forest-rich countries, and through the natural tree species, to create a high level of brand. Brand plates are also involved in many national planning projects, which have brought great motivation to the development of the company and are also favored by consumers.

custom melamine board famous brand


    custom melamine board famous brand - Fuqing

 Since the end of the last century, Fuqing has been engaged in the production of wood products. In order to make the company develop rapidly, the internal resources are continuously integrated. Not only the establishment of raw material supply centers in China, but also the establishment of overseas brands, the brand plates are from the source. Guaranteed green environmental protection. Brands also range from single sheet production to today's diversified sheet supply. At present, brand sales also involve most domestic markets, so that more consumers are familiar with this sheet brand.


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