Formaldehyde Problem Of Melamine Board

- Dec 23, 2018-

What Is Melamine Board?

        No matter what kind of sheet, glue is indispensable

 in the manufacturing process, so free formaldehyde will release from

 the formed sheet, but it is harmless to human body at a certain concentration. Consumers should pay more attention to the

 formaldehyde emission of the sheet used in furniture while

 recognizing the quality of the sheet. According to the national

 standards, formaldehyde emission per 100 grams of particleboard

 should be less than or equal to 30 mg; formaldehyde emission per 100

 grams of E1 grade medium density board should be less than or equal

 to 9 mg; formaldehyde emission in E2 grade medium density board should be between 9 mg and 40 mg. That is to say, the formaldehyde

 emission is higher than the above standard panel furniture, it is not appropriate to buy. Consumers can ask the merchant to issue a

 test report of furniture substrates to identify whether this indicator meets the requirements.

melamine board use in kitchen


Melamine itself is less toxic and stable, and will not be free toxicity after curing. The air pollution of melamine

 board for furniture production depends on the medium density board

 or particleboard base material used for melamine board. If the

 formaldehyde emission of the base material meets the environmental

protection standard, melamine will not aggravate the material pollution. Melamine board has no odor. What produces odor is that the

 medium density board with inferior quality, binder or additive used

 in paint contains formaldehyde, etc. Material emits. There is no need to find a plate that does not exist formaldehyde at all. The melamine in the market also meets the national standard. But, the accumulation of various kinds of furniture can make the formaldehyde

 in the decorated house exceed the standard. Thus, it is necessary to

 keep ventilation for several months after decoration and stay in the

 room until the harmful gas in the air reaches the national standard.

        Physical removal of formaldehyde: Due to the long release period of formaldehyde in melamine board, it is also necessary to adopt environmental protection and safety methods in daily life. [1] Physical removal of formaldehyde mainly uses activated carbon and other materials to adsorb polluted gases. Physical adsorption is the best physical removal method at present. The principle is that the porous structure of activated carbon provides a large amount of surface area, which makes it very easy to absorb and collect impurities. Like magnetism, all molecules have mutual attraction. Because of this, a large number of molecules on activated carbon can generate strong gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting impurities in the medium to the pore size, of which coconut vitamin carbon is one of the stronger adsorbability.