Factory Live Broadcast - Experts Teach You How To Choose The Melamine Board Cut To Size?

- Apr 04, 2019-


Yueshan tell you how to choose a suitable size melamine board.

How does Yueshan Industry buy "melamine boards cut into small pieces".  In this theme, the furniture factory will explain it here in combination with the photos of the factory at the scene.

Factory live broadcast - experts teach you


Common Edge Bursting Problem of Veneered MDF sheeting Cut to Size

(1) The upper edge of explosion appears

The main screw holes is too blunt and saw teeth are too few.  The main saw blade is too little higher than the plate.  If the quality of the plate is too poor, it will blunt the saw blade quickly.  Replacing the saw blade;  Raise the main saw blade;  Select plates with less impurities and high quality.


(2) The following explosive edge (sawn plate) appears

The auxiliary saw blade is too blunt;  The width of the auxiliary saw is not enough or too narrow;  The center lines of the main saw blade and the auxiliary saw blade do not coincide;  Replacing the saw blade;  Change the saw blade or increase the thickness of the saw blade;  Re-adjust the left and right positions of the auxiliary saw


(3) There are signs of scorching (on the sawn plate)

Alloy saw blade is too blunt and saw teeth on the saw blade are too many;  The rotating speed is too high or the feeding is too slow;  Replace the saw blade and select an appropriate saw blade;  Select the appropriate rotational speed and feed speed.


 how to choose the melamine board cut to size?


(4) During sawing, the workpiece is pushed up by the auxiliary saw.

The auxiliary saw blade is too blunt;  The auxiliary saw blade rises too high;  Replace the saw blade;  Lower the height of the auxiliary saw blade appropriately.


(5) sticking the panel edge in the middle

The plate is relatively thick, each piece is slightly bent and uneven, and gaps are generated after the upper part and the lower part are overlapped with each other;


The cylinder pressure for mechanical pressing is not enough;


If there are stripes (concavities and convexities) on the surface of the workpiece, the edge will explode.


During working sawing, press 2-3 plates less;


When sawing a cut sheet material, the feed speed should be appropriately lowered and properly recognized.


Check whether the saw blade is not sharp, and timely repair and grind the cutting edge.


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