Environmental Protection Of Melamine Board

- Dec 16, 2018-

What is melamine board? 

      Melamine Board Also known as engineered wood melamine sheets, conti board. or MFC boards, Melamine Boards are very versatile and can used as a cost effective. alternative to the use of solid wood timber for internal projects. it is a thermally fused added formaldehyde composite panel.

      The majority of office furniture manufactured with MFC board. Although MFC has the reputation of being low grade material. the melamine board of today is of much higher-quality than it used to be.

      melamine laminate boards in many colors and finishes wood products, including popular wood-grain appearance. using today’s digital technologies. Our range of melamine sheets includes varying lengths. and sizes to accommodate all your construction project needs.

      If it’s melamine sheets you’re looking for. you can be sure Selco has you covered with Beech, Oak and Walnut wood grain finishes. and both the popular White melamine and Magnolia colours all available.

       Melamine board is light, mildew-proof, fire-proof, heat-resistant, earthquake-resistant, easy to clean up, renewable. in line with the established policy of energy conservation and ecological protection. so people in the industry also call it ecological board. 

       ABOUT solid wood furniture. all kinds of high grade panel furniture have melamine board participation. Melamine board can prevent the environmental pollution caused by formaldehyde. and urea-formaldehyde resin used as preservatives in high-end wardrobes. Besides, melamine board can replace wood panels, aluminum-plastic panels to make mirror. high wear resistance, anti-static, relief, metal and other decorative surfaces.


      melamine panel or cyanide board for short,is a decorative board made by hot pressing on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard or rigid fiberboard. In the production process, it is usually composed of several layers of paper, the quantity depends on the use.

melamine board vs mdf


 What is melamine board used for? 

       In the same way that high pressure laminate used. melamine boards used in both residential and commercial design. Their unique and stylish properties can suit any type of building or room. Although we do not supply laminate flooring. melamine components are also used in their design and overlay. its properties allow it to imitate tiles or natural wood .

      melamine as a material is pretty adaptable. they've used in wall tiles, garden furniture. shelves for garden buildings, caravans, canal boats, plates. and crockery, and even toilet seats! Its heat resistant properties also. allow it to be an effective material for insulation. such as underfloor heating, too. 

      Melamine is perfect for internal cabinetry, draws and shelving. Because Melamine is either Particleboard. or MDF with a Melamine surface bonded to it, it is able to used in a multitude of applications.

      The moisture resistant board products variety can used in high moisture areas. such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. while the Standard variety can used in applications like book cases or even for shop fitting.

      it also have many applications:

-Cabinet components



-Drawer components


-Store Fixtures

-Laboratory, hospitality and medical furniture


-Furniture Veneer

-Shop Fixtures

melamine baord vs plywood - Is melamine the same as plywood? 

      Both types of surface material have different uses. and are both effective & durable in their own rights. Below is a quick primer on each of their properties so you can weigh up your options.

      Melamine boards created by layering pressed wood and covering it with plastic coating. But, plywood made up of layered wood sheets.


      You might not always need to paint melamine. but, plywood requires staining and painting to get it to the perfect finish. so it requires more labour.


      Plywood contains natural wood grain. whereas melamine surfaces can made to mimic this effect.


      Compared to plywood, melamine has a higher density, making it more difficult to cut, but costs less. Plywood has a lower density, making it less prone to chipping and splitting, easier to cut. but, it tends to costs more.


      If you want to achieve a solid, uniform colour, melamine is your best bet. making it great for minimalist interiors. or anywhere you need a consistent colour roll out. Plywood is great if you're keen on letting those authentic wood grains and knots come through.

Is melamine the same as particle board? 

      The old belief is that MFC is a weaker material than MDF and doesn’t hold fixings well.  But, in recent years there has been a change in the way that MFC manufactured. and this has made a great difference to the properties of the material. It is now manufactured with a dense outer core for impact, and a coarser inner core for fixing strength. 

       It also has a grain-like orientation which gives the product lateral strength. Our standard MFC carcass panels are thicker than most MDF carcasses. which means they use larger, stronger fixings. and this gives a lot more stability to the product. This is a major benefit for educational furniture. because it makes it a lot harder for students to loosen. and remove fixings, thereby causing damage to the furniture or themselves.

       MFC cross section showing the dense outer core and coarse inner core.

One of the key reasons why Pinnacle chooses not to use MDF is that it contains formaldehyde. .an organic compound that has associated with several types of cancer in humans. Formaldehyde released into the air and is occurring.  Precautions should taken when MDF is being cut because it gives off a wood dust which can be harmful if inhaled. 

       Furniture now is usually sealed to prevent the formaldehyde. escaping into the air but if it gets damaged. as often happens in schools, there is still the potential for it to released into the air. MDF banned in the USA due to its formaldehyde emissions although it is still allowed in the UK.  To be more friendly and to provide the best furniture solutions. we are endeavouring to remove MDF products from our ranges and specify MFC instead.

       MFC products that supplied to education. with at least one used in every project. Our main three MFC products are our StorageWall, IT benching and capacity storage. These products enjoy being MFC because they need to be strong and durable. and MFC provides those qualities as a robust material. that is perfect for school environments.


 Is melamine the same as MDF? 

         The performance of MDP is better than that of the latter. Medium density board has uniform internal structure, greater bonding force than particleboard. less deformation, good surface smoothness and strong nail holding force. Thus, the melamine board with medium density board as the base material is more durable. and can give full play to the characteristics of panel furniture to resist assembly. The quality of particleboard is loose and its cost is lower than that of the former.


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