Is It A Paint-free Board Or A Cheap Melamine Sheets?

- Apr 10, 2019-

How To Select Wardrobe Material?

   With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for personal dressing. A good wardrobe is our beautiful standard. It can accommodate a variety of clothes for us, choose a suitable wardrobe. Particularly important. Now the wardrobes on the market have different materials. These home improvement wardrobe panels have their own characteristics. Do not choose the wrong wardrobe material. Is it a paint-free board or a cheap melamine sheets? Don't wait to stay and regret it!

Do not choose wrong wardrobe material

material wardrobe

1, Solid wood wardrobe

   Solid wood wardrobes may be the first choice for most people. when purchasing wardrobes, and are one of the most used wardrobe materials on the market. Solid wood wardrobe. Some use a special splicing process, avoiding the use of adhesives in the joint of the wardrobe. the process of the wardrobe is more friendly. and the solid wood wardrobe has good load-bearing capacity. suitable for all kinds of clothing, 

   Whether it is summer or winter. Thick clothing, bedding, etc. placed in a solid wood wardrobe. From the solid wood material itself, the solid wood feels very good. the service life is also long, and it is not easy to cause pollution during the use process. But, the cost of the solid wood wardrobe is high, and it needs selected when purchasing.

2, Large core board material wardrobe

 The large core board is also known as the blockboard. The main function of the blockboard is to make the frame of the wardrobe. but there are also a lot of wardrobes made of large wardrobes for the whole wardrobe. The main material of the large core board is also solid wood material. but the large core board is a plywood made by bonding several solid wood cores.

    In the middle of the large core board is a core made of solid wood strips, in the large core board. The outer surface is a applied surface material that . makes the surface of the large core board smooth and flat. The large core board has the advantages of strong stability and not easy to deformed. According to the thickness, the large core board can divided into three types: board, board. and board, and the thickness stability and wear resistance are also different. In general, the thicker the thickness. the higher the price of the corresponding large core board.

large core board material wardrobe

 3, Free paint board

   The paint-free decorative materials are very good in self-extinguishing, washable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof. anti-corrosive, anti-acid, anti-alkali, etc., and the paint-free board. is not sticky and will not generated due to the moisture of the wall. It is mild and black, so the wardrobe made of paint-free board can have a long service life. In other words, it is quite durable. 

   The surface-coated film of the paint-free board. gives the paint-free board an unusual color and pattern. The paint-free board has a natural texture, clear wood grain, and can compared with logs. The world's popular wood species have everything. and the surface of the product has no color difference, and the design is well-made. and the color matching is reasonable. Thus, the wardrobe made of paint-free panels is in line. with the modern people's aesthetic needs.

4, Cheap melamine sheets 

    The cheap melamine sheets made of some wood chips. and mineral glue added to the wind during the pressing process. Then I saw the moisture-proof soaking treatment. which is more suitable for mechanized processing. The general melamine plywood will mark its waterproof performance mark. so it can identified according to this. 

   The waterproof board must protected from moisture. and the performance of the melamine plywood sheets is moisture-proof. So don't think that the moisture barrier is waterproof. It responds to the moisture in the air. The root of moisture protection is also. that it has a moisture-proof layer on the outside, which can block moisture. thus reducing the expansion rate of the cheap melamine sheets. Thus, many people scratch the surface of the moisture barrier, so the effect will not be very good.

 is it a paint-free board or a cheap melamine sheets?

material wardrobe finish types

1. Veneer

   Veneers are widely used as an external finish because they have the ability to impart a look. that’s both traditional and modern. Veneers made from thin layers of natural wood. and are available in many designs that add an element of warmth, elegance. and richness to a space. Veneers need regular maintenance, as they are prone to show up scratches. To keep the shine of the surface it is important to re-polish the wardrobe .

2. Laminate

    Laminates are most commonly used in wardrobe designs for bedrooms. as they have great qualities such as high durability. water-resistance, cost-effectiveness and low-maintenance, besides being easy to clean. There are many options to choose from, designs, colours. and finishes, which include high-gloss, textured and matte finishes. The main drawbacks of a laminate are that it is brittle. prone to chipping and cannot repaired once damaged.

Contemporary Bedroom by Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects

Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects

Glossy laminate

3. Mirror

     How about fixing mirrors onto the wardrobe doors? The mirror finish is an attractive way to increase the size of the room and add to the illusion of space.

4. Glass

     Bring in a sense of lightness with glass sections. in the wardrobe door panels instead of going for the conventional solid door panels. The straight lines and glossy finish of glass give a sleek and modern look. One can choose from frosted, tinted, plain and lacquered glass. It is easy to clean, low on maintenance and can installed.

5. Leather

      Make a bold statement with leather or faux leather or vinyl panels on the wardrobe doors. The introduction of a leather finish is a great way to add warmth and style by softening the sharp edges. and corners of the wardrobe. Consider the same material for the headboard to weave. together the design features of your boudoir.

6. Metal

   Also known as lohe ki almari, the metal wardrobe remains an old favourite of ours, doesn’t it? In its modern avatar, metal is a great way to give a bold industrial look to your room. as in this example. where brushed metal used on the sliding wardrobe door panels while the shelves. and the study table fabricated from conventional plywood.

What are the selection skills for wardrobes?

1, Style is very important Nowadays

     Many friends pay great attention to the value when purchasing a large wardrobe. But, if you only pay attention to the beauty of the wardrobe and do not pay attention to the style. it is very likely that the matching effect is not good. Thus, when purchasing, pay special attention to. whether the wardrobe style matches the style of the whole bedroom. and whether the size and style of the wardrobe combined with the space.

2. Look at the quality of the melamine panel

     Most of the wardrobes produced by regular producers use melamine veneers. The process treated with high temperature and high pressure. so it has high strength and wear resistance. Some of the wardrobes produced. by the manufacturers with good punches look very smooth and beautiful on the surface. but as long as they stroked with their nails, they will see obvious scratches.

3. How is the wardrobe material? 

    There are many kinds of materials for the wardrobe, so the price is also high or low. When consumers buy wardrobes. they should pay attention to see if the wardrobe material is cheap melamine sheets. The price of solid wood is high. and it can purchased according to their actual needs and budget. instead of following the trend or neglected.

4. Is there a security mark?

 Regular manufacturers use anti-counterfeiting marks to ensure the quality of the products. Manufacturers' anti-counterfeiting marks are generally attached to the pulleys. edge bands, cabinet doors, and even the veneer of the wardrobe. so that consumers can use the products with confidence.

5. Is it environmentally friendly?

 Many unscrupulous merchants use wardrobes to produce inferior materials. and these materials contain more or less formaldehyde. , formaldehyde can affect our health. Thus, when we buy the wardrobe, we must first smell whether the cabinet has obvious pungent odor. and then ask the merchant to show instructions to see. if the formaldehyde content meets the national regulations.

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