Decorative Veneer Of Plywood

- Jan 15, 2019-

        1) Decorative veneer veneer plywood is made of natural wood veneer veneer pasted on the plywood. 

Decorative veneer is thin wood chips made of high quality wood by planing or rotary cutting.

        2) Characteristics of decorative veneer veneer plywood:


Decorative veneer veneer plywood is one of the most commonly used materials for interior decoration. Because the decorative veneer on the surface of the product is made of high quality wood by planing or rotary cutting, it has better decorative performance than plywood. This product is natural, simple, natural and noble, and can create the best living environment with people and elegant affinity.

2-18mm mdf cut to size machine

           3) Types of veneer veneer plywood for decoration:

Decorative veneer plywood can be divided into one-sided decorative veneer plywood and two-sided decorative veneer plywood according to decorative surface; according to water resistance, it can be divided into type I decorative veneer plywood, type II decorative veneer plywood and type III decorative veneer plywood; according to the texture of decorative veneer, it can be divided into radial decorative veneer plywood and chord decorative veneer plywood. Board. The common one-sided decorative veneer veneer plywood. The commonly used decorative veneers are birch, Manchurian ash, oak, Shuiqing Gang, elm, maple, walnut and so on.

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