white Melamine Board VS MDF board for sale

- Apr 15, 2019-


Industry personage knows, moisture resistent particleboard broken by log hind classics high temperature high pressure machined and become, chipboard panel intermediate layer is woodiness wood piece,both sides is the wood piece with close organization, via pressing melamine laminated plywood board. The surface layer is powdery, and the homogeneous white melamine board is the best. custom melamine

board has the advantage of not easy deformation and strong nail-holding force. The shortcoming of custom melamine chipboard is that it is not easy to do bending treatment or curved section treatment.

custom melamine board VS density board

What Is Melamine MDF Board ?

  Melamie Density board is a plant wood fiber as the main raw material, by hot grinding, paving, hot pressing molding and other processes. Features are uniform internal structure, good mechanical processing performance, easy to carve and make a variety of shape, shape parts. Medium fiber boar (450-780) general surface flatness is better, so when the surface needs carving and milling, molding, and

 paste surface for soft materials (such as stenciled blister board), the use of density board to ensure the smooth surface after laminating. Reason USES at aggrandizement wood floor, door plank .

What Are The Moistureproof Grades Of MDF Board ?

 Moistureproof: density board is wood powder after pressing molding, the surface flatness is better, so when the surface needs carving and milling, molding, and paste surface for a soft texture (such as

stenciled blister board), often use the medium density board to ensure the smooth surface after mulch. But because raw material is fine wood powder , look from moistureproof property, if will  particleboard immerse in water, because there is lignin in particleboard long fiber, more the structure that retained lumber,so particleboard expands will no longer expand (8%-10%) to a certain extent. So the comprehensive property of moisture proof can said to be better than custom melamine board density board. Because this euramerican furniture hutch ark company does not have more use density board to have certain reason for box body material.

What Are The Charateristic Of MDF Board ?

 Environmental performance: euramerican almost all furniture, hutch ark factory USES particleboard a few days ago, domestic a few big factories use complete set of entrance equipment as a result

(investment is in 200 million yuan above), also can produce the particleboard with close molecular structure, high bending strength. Generally speaking, if the surface decoration surface imported from

 Germany, most of them are produced by large factories and used in high-grade furniture, buyers and suppliers attach more importance to the market reputation, so there are fewer problems.

Chest plank which kind is good?

Tips for MDF board selection:

 Just at present a few home small factory can produce a few common and common bai guang board, beech wood grain board only, as a result of equipment, production craft is backward, the plank material that produces is in bearing and fight bend, deformation intensity respect is poorer, the furniture fastening after making becomes loose easily, loose hind fastening intensity is insufficient again, encounter water hind rapid expand. And formaldehyde content is very high, exceed national standard dozens of times, very big to human body harm. It is the quality of this kind of board that has tarnished the reputation of custom melamine board and led consumers to mistake it for inferior quality. While the density board has a history of not very long, in the original trees are becoming more and more scarce, so need a kind of board to replace. So there is density board, but the density board production process will use a lot of glue, if the glue quality closes nevertheless, or unstable will cause the density board of formaldehyde is exorbitant, density board is mainly detect formaldehyde release a quantity and structural strength, density board by formaldehyde release a quantity to divide the E1 and E2 level, formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed 30 mg / 100 g is unqualified. Generally speaking, the density board of the manufacturer on dimensions is mostly qualified. The density board on the market is E2 class for the most part, E1 class little, on the whole, particleboard environmental protection coefficient is higher than the density board. And density board is used at door plank more or do modelling, do cabinet body not practical.

 Article Summary: About Chest plank which kind is good? custom melamine board VS density board! introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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