Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laminate Faced Mdf Ceiling. What Ceiling Is Better For The Living Room?

- Mar 27, 2019-

Nowadays, there are many kinds of materials for the ceiling in the decoration market. The laminate faced mdf ceiling is one of them. You may not know much about the melamine laminate sheets ceiling. So what about the laminate faced mdf ceiling? When we are decorating the living room, we may choose to install it.

choose a good ceiling to play a role in the interior style, then what is the ceiling in the living room is better? Next Editor will introduce the advantages. and disadvantages of the laminate faced mdf ceiling and the ceiling in the living room is better.

Briefly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the laminate faced mdf ceiling


  Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Laminate Faced Mdf Ceiling


 1. Advantages of laminate faced mdf ceiling


    The melamine plywood ceiling is rich in color and can used for any shape. It used in gardens, entertainment places, commercial places and other places. It has a natural log appearance texture.  which is more waterproof and moisture-proof than melamine woodproducts. even in a humid environment. There is also no deformation cracking. Its decorative effect is close to solid wood. and it has a strong three-dimensional effect. and does not produce any harmful substances during the installation process.


 2, The shortcomings of laminate faced mdf ceiling


 If the melamine laminated plywood ceiling s installed outdoors, special treatment required. otherwise it is easy to fade, and its adsorption is strong. If it installed in the kitchen, it is easier to absorb the fumes, which makes the kitchen look dirty.


What ceiling is better for the living room?


 The Living Room With Which Ceiling Is Better


 1. Gypsum board ceiling


    Gypsum board ceiling has various shapes and simple construction. It is a kind of ceiling material suitable for living room. It has the advantages of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption and non-combustion. There are also many types of plasterboard ceilings. If the ceiling of the living room is completely decorated. we are the most Good choice of gypsum board ceiling for light steel keel, if the living room area is small, you can use the wooden keel gypsum board ceiling.


 2, aluminum plate ceiling


 As a high-end ceiling material in China, aluminum gusset plate has the advantages of :

long service life, no discoloration, no deformation, moisture-proof and flame retardant.

It has beautiful appearance, elegant color and variety. and strong decorative effect. but the installation requirements of aluminum gusset plate are high. High, if the stitching is not good, it will affect the appearance.


 3, plastic steel plate ceiling


 The color pattern of the plastic steel plate ceiling is rich, easy to install. and has the advantages of :

sound insulation,

heat preservation,


oil proof, etc.

But, the plastic steel plate ceiling is easy to twisted and the weather resistance is poor. If it burned, it will release harmful gases.


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