Brief Introduction Of Melamine Board

- Nov 18, 2018-


What Is Melamine Board?


   Melamine faced boards, whose base material is particleboard and medium-fibre board. bonded by base material and surface. The surface veneer is domestic and imported. Because it treated by fire prevention, anti-wear and waterproof immersion. the use effect is like that of composite wood flooring.

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   Melamine board, referred to as melamine board. known as melamine impregnated paper veneer wood-based panels. Paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesives. then dried to a certain degree of curing, it  paved on


moisture-proof board.

medium density fiberboard,

plywood, blockboard, multi-layer board or other hard fiberboard surface, hot-pressed decorative board. In the production process, it is usually composed of several layers of paper. the quantity depends on the use. Melamine board is not a new product, and the fancy name does not mean that the product is fresh.


        The decorative paper soaked in melamine solution and then pressed by hot pressing. Thus, the moistureproof board for furniture is generally called melamine moistureproof board. Melamine formaldehyde resin is a solution with very low formaldehyde content. which is friendly. This paste will not cause two times of pollution, but will reduce the release of the substrate inside. This treatment method has recognized by everyone, in this way. But the treatment of this surface is also good or bad. because the price of melamine formaldehyde resin solution is about 10 times. that of other glues. many people mix urea formaldehyde glue in the solution, which is not friendly. so the board is also divided into full-trimer. and semi-trimer boards, this non-professional can not recognize, see through the surface.

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