Brief Introduction And Wonderful Use Of Shelf

- Oct 07, 2018-

        Shelf, Ming and Qing furniture parts name. The movable boards inside the cabinet divide the upper and lower space. A board placed in a cabinet or on a fixed wall for placing objects. Shelf materials are many, reflecting different styles. Shelf based on logs is more common, in addition, there are glass, resin, metal, iron, ceramics and stone materials.



Ming and Qing Furniture Component Name. The cabinet is separated by movable boards of upper and lower spaces.

A board placed in a cabinet or on a fixed wall for placing objects.

Magical effect

In home decoration design, shelves are more and more popular. All kinds of shelves can be used as kitchen dishes collection tools, living room CD shelves, corner fan shelves, bedside bookshelves and other practical tools. They can also be a beautiful decoration. If used properly, shelves can instantly add color to the home. However, the specific use of shelves, but also combined with home style to determine. 

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